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Sun Protection Body

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When we take the sun to the mountain, to the beach, or even on the way to work, the sun will always be there in the days of summer, and the best thing you can do to enjoy the sun and there is no impairment in the skin of the body, is to take care of her the most.

The sunscreen body is a product that has a very important role at the time of caring the skin from the effects so dangerous that generates the sun's radiation, especially in the months with more heat in the year.

These protectors in any of your submissions, in either cream, oil, milk, or spray it manage to block the sun's rays according to the factor of protection that they contain, which is a measure ranging from 2 to 70, which will determine the degree and the time of protection of the skin.

Protector solar corporal

Benefits of sunscreen body

The sunscreen body in any of their presentations either in gel, cream, oil, milk, or spray provides skin with the blocking of the sun's rays to help prevent sunburns that these originate.

The ultraviolet rays manage to penetrate and deteriorate the skin as a type of radiation that ashed and kill the cells generating serious consequences, such as burns, stains, wrinkles, skin cancer, adding also a major eye problems.

Sunscreens generate a kind of impediment or a filter that prevents the sun rays from entering the skin, creating damage that can be irreparable, for this reason choose a proper and the sun is very important.

Types of sunscreen body

The sunscreen body are divided into types according to their components in protective chemical or physical.

Chemical protectors

Included among its ingredients substances such as Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, and Homosalate, which are responsible for sipping on the solar radiation and transform it into radiation is not harmful.

Managing to infiltrate the layers, less surface of the skin, generating an action photochemistry from there.

Despite the fact that these shields are very effective, it is estimated that risk the health of the skin, which can generate allergic reactions in skin sensitivity, as well as endocrine problems that come that can lead to degeneration of skin in the long term.

Blockers physical

This filter contains among its components powders of mineral origin, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which does not generate any kind of side effects on the health of the skin.

These minerals are compounds of natural origin that do not go deep into the skin helping in this way to reflect the sun's rays from the outer layer of the skin.

Its presentation in creams, tends to be thick and at the time they apply in the body produces a white layer on the skin that lasts for a few minutes after application.

They contain a very high level of protection that does not generate any kind of deterioration in the skin, and therefore recommends the use of this product for any occasion.

Characteristics of sunscreen body

When choosing which type of sunscreen body is the best way to take care of skin there is some features that are important and that should be taken into account, such as:


You should choose a sunscreen that contains natural ingredients to achieve that generate a greater amount of benefits to the skin, are more recommended those containing aloe vera, zinc, and titanium.

It is also recommended the use of guards that are enriched with vitamin E, gain greater protection and hydration at the same time.

Sun protection Factor

The Sun Protection Factor, also known as SPF or SPF, is that amount which is located on the label of the product that shows how it is the time of protection that it offers.

For example, an SPF 15, you can offer a protection period of 15 minutes, while an SPF of 50, he achieved a protection for 50 minutes, it is recommended that a sunscreen with an SPF greater than 30, to be able to take advantage of the sun without the worry of sunburn.


Sunscreen is considered to be broad-spectrum when it can protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays and at the same time, generating a greater protection to the body.

UVA rays are responsible for entering and burn the upper part of the skin, UVB rays penetrate a much greater force to areas deeper than the skin, causing greater damage.

Water resistant

A sunscreen body that resists water will provide more protection against the sun's rays, even though the person is in the water, thus it can be used at the time of going to the beach or the pool.

In the same way can be used daily as its action remains on the skin regardless of the sweat and moisture, a very important aspect in those hot days of summer or when they exercise in the open air.


You can find different types of solar filters, various presentations such as spray, cream and lotions oily, you can also find fragrances or without them.

It is highly recommended to use a sunscreen that contains a higher amount of 100 ml, with a container that can be easily manipulated to be able to go anywhere and from this be able to reapply throughout the day.


The prices of the sunscreens vary a lot depending on the above factors, above all, will depend on the format or the amount of product that you are acquiring, for this reason it is important to detail all of the options for you to choose the one that best fits the needs that you have.

Best sunscreen body

Heliocare Spray SPF50

This sunscreen is very easy to place on the skin, it carries very easily at any place, it generates an effect sunscreen very fluid, easy to extend and absorb faster.

It is very resistant to water, generating a broad spectrum protection, because it is made to protect the body, especially the sun.

Avene Spray 50 Sun

Generates a large solar protection through their presentation in the spray, and it contains thermal water that provides better care against UVA and UVB rays as a result of its SPF 50+.

Generates an effect that is long-lasting moisturizing that helps the skin to minimize the risk of allergies from the sun and premature aging.