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The sun protection is necessary to prevent the skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. There are several methods available to achieve this purpose, since there are sunscreens to prevent skin dehydration, staining or wrinkling.

Some of the sunscreens are most effective on the market for children and adults are: Mustela Spray 50 Sun Baby 300 ml, Heliocare 50 Spray 200 ml, Heliocare 360 Airgel Body 200 ml, and Eucerin Solar 50 Spray Pack Adults and Children.

Mustela Spray 50 Sun Baby 300 ml is a sunscreen for babies that can be applied to the delicate skin of the kids from the first day of birth. It is ideal for those skins atypical and protects the skin from damage caused by the sun.

Heliocare 50 Spray 200 ml is a sunscreen that protects the skin against damage caused by UVA/ UBV. It is a product suitable for all skin types and is water resistant. This sun Protection buy in any pharmacy in the country.

Heliocare 360 Airgel Body 200 ml is an option to protect the skin from the sun to the day-to-day, or the moments of enjoyment at the beach or the pool. Contains an advanced formulation that combines filters capable of protecting the skin against solar radiation.

Eucerin Solar 50 Spray Pack Adults and Children are two sunshades which come in a presentation of 200ml c/u. These sunscreens help to keep the skin of the adult and of the child hydrated and protected against possible burns.

Benefits of sun protection

Mustela Spray 50 Sun Baby 300 ml has a formula water-resistant which allows you to create a protective layer on baby's skin that lasts for a longer time and avoid your delicate skin damage due to sun exposure.

Contains Perséose of avocado which is a natural ingredient that protects the dermis and epidermis of children and allows you to secure the defenses of the skin to prevent sunburn, dehydration or irreversible damage to the cells.

This sunscreen is tested dermatologically and pediátricamente, which makes it a product suitable to be used on the skin of babies from the first day of birth. In addition, this Protection solar cheap price so you can purchase it easily.

Heliocare 50 Spray 200 ml has a soft texture, not oily, which easily penetrates into the layers of the skin, facilitating the application even in the more extensive areas. While this is a spray has a water resistance greater than other sunscreens.

This sun Protection unbeatable price and has a pleasant aroma. Its protective effect on the skin is long-lasting. Best of all, this sun Protection buy at an affordable price and at any pharmacy in the country.

Heliocare 360 Airgel Body 200 ml is a sunscreen widely used because of its ease of application, has a comfortable size and you can buy this solar Protection affordable price. In addition, it is effective to reverse some spots caused by sun exposure.

It has a nice light texture, gives a high protection on any site that you find, and counteracts sun damage immediately after you have applied. This sun Protection affordable price so you can purchase it easily.

Eucerin Solar 50 Spray Pack Adults and Children consists of two sunscreens. The adult provides a broad protection against UVA and UBV avoiding any injury to the surface or internal of the skin. This presentation contains perfume.

Spray for children is a formula that is more subtle than the previous one, but just as effective against solar radiation, since the skin of the smaller ones is much more sensitive, so this formula contains no perfume, parabens or dyes to avoid allergic reactions.

The spray for kids contains Dexpanthenol and vitamin E which contributes to the delicate skin of children a dose of hydration and moisture to the skin, avoiding burns, flakes, among other discomfort caused by the sun.

Any of these sunscreen to Buy in parapharmacies, parapharmacies, and even some supermarkets in the country. The textures of these sunscreens are soft and melt quickly into the skin without leaving residue.

This sun Protection price designed to be easily available for people who wish to protect their skin against the harmful effects of the sun, for your daily routine or for those moments of enjoyment as the pool or the beach.

Characteristics of the solar Protection

These sunscreens contain a number of ingredients that act on your skin in the following way:

  • Mustela Spray 50 Sun Baby 300 ml contains Perséose of avocado and a filter system organomineral, which protect the area of the skin cell of the baby before the assault caused by the sun, creating a protective layer and leaving the skin hydrated and flexible.

  • Heliocare 50 Spray 200 ml contains green Tea, Filters, Physical, Photosomas and Suspheras, which have antioxidant properties, and reparative of the cellular DNA and immunoprotective of the skin.

  • Heliocare 360 Airgel Body 200 ml contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Suspheras which have properties matizantes on the skin by reducing the dark spots caused by the sun hydrating and moisturizing the skin, and protecting it against premature aging.

  • Eucerin Solar 50 Spray for Adults and Children contains Licocalcón and Acid Glycyrrhetinic which broadly covered the skin against UVA and UBV allowing counteract the effects caused by free radicals by stimulating the natural repair of the skin.

Indications of the solar Protection

Any of these sunscreens must be applied in adults or children 20 min before sun exposure. Avoid exposing the children directly to the sun. It is recommended to re-apply any of these sunscreens 1 or 2 hours after.

These sunscreens are indicated for all skin types. These Sun Protection Buy them in drug stores, or other establishments and to verify that the product is still valid, as they should not be applied if it is expired.