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The skimmer of clitoris is a sex toy that has increased its presence in the social networks and, in turn, has positioned itself favorably in terms of sales, which has led to a large number of women have begun to empower themselves and get to know your body.

With its use much of the female population has managed to reach orgasm by means of stimulation of the clitoris, making the skimmer in a great companion that can be used with total confidence and security.

Originates a few waves of vibration that achieve the stimulation of the clitoris without touching it, as that creates a gentle suction that, when mixed with the waves of vibration make the blood circulate better throughout the parea improve the sensation of pleasure.

What are the advantages caused by the use of the Skimmer Female?

The skimmer for women is a device that has been prepared with the aim of encouraging the arrival to the ecstasy of a fairly quick, pleasant, and without requiring too much effort, because the time spent is of an average of less than two minutes.

There are some women who have managed to feel for the first time in her life orgasm as a result of the use of this toy, because its use is pretty simple, although each type is subtly different.

Usually it is a toy that includes a small hole where you are going to locate the clitoris and when lights begin to feel the movement, which is only required to place the device into the vulva to begin to feel.

It is of great importance to test as you feel the vibration in other parts of the body, so it is recommended to use it initially in other sensitive areas like the nipples and to evaluate the feelings.

You must start with intensities more smooth for test if you like it and go increased to check the levels of intensity, and then use it in the process of masturbation. In the same way, you can test if it is more enjoyable with lubricant or without the.

 Why use the skimmer for women?

The skimmer female or requires touching the clitoris to generate excellent results, so that it does not generate irritation, or provide pain because they don't aspire to.

When positioned near the clitoris only feel an empty feeling in the area, but, thanks to its way of generating suction and its shockwaves will start the stimulation of the clitoris, on the outside as on the inside.

Gradually the body will warn that requires you to increase the stimulation, while you feel a torrent of pleasure fill and get an orgasm quite intense, with a feeling quite nice and soft, preserving, and providing the control of the intensity.

Now the fame of this kind of sex toy has increased considerably as a result of the sucking of the clit have caused many women to achieve orgasm, as well as the increase of its quality and quantity.

Some have come to experience multiple orgasms, while other women have activated the ability to have different experiences, such as the squirting.

How do I use the sucking female?

Initially you need to charge the toy, then locate the power button and the intensity, since it is recommended that at the start of its use is use an intensity quite low until it is aware of all the sensations.

To locate it you must open the lips of the vagina, and supporting him by pressing a soft way to the area without touching the clitoris, thus suggesting the use of a lubricant that has water-based, testing different positions and intensities that are conducive to the comfort.

It does not require much time to reach an orgasm with the use of a skimmer, as they have been developed using a technology that is quite original.

Generates an effect that is empty on the clitoris without touching it as a result of their shock waves and pulses of air.

The head features the toy tends to be oval-shaped or round, which should be located above the area and begin to feel how the excitation significantly increase until you reach quickly to orgasm.

But, if it continues to be used in the same it is possible that you feel the onset of the well-known multiple orgasm.

What the skimmer for women should be used in solo or in a couple?

This toy female has been developed to be used on the clitoris, but this does not require the person to use it solo, as a large number of couples have found original ways to enjoy including sex toys in their intimate relationships.

The skimmer female is already among the favorite toys for couples, there are some sucking that can be maneuvered by remote control.

Can generate any inconvenience the use of the sucking?

Use the skimmer provides a wealth of benefits, but if not used properly can generate some drawbacks.

It is not recommended to place it in the center of sexuality, with the purpose of generating dependence of the appliance and only use it for masturbation.

Its great strength and ease to cause orgasms, could give rise to that when not in use, it generates some problems to reach the climax of other forms and with other techniques.

As it is a device that provides so much comfort, you can generate a decline in the desire to have sex with the couple.

Can be used as a supplement and companion of the relationship, without actually become em an enemy, as it can be used during penetration to generate an improvement in the orgasm.

Can be used in the company of the couple mixed with oral sex, or as a way to reactivate and increase the sensitivity of the area, it all depends on the imagination and creativity that have the partner during the sexual act.

To finish, to acquire and use a skimmer to women is of great importance to perform the maintenance, because you must clean up after you use it by following the instructions included in the packaging.

It is recommended to keep it charged so you are prepared when it is required to use.

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