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Solutions of Medicinal Plants

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  • Arkofluido Artichoke Fennel Mate and Grape Bio 20 Ampoules
    Arkofluido Artichoke Fennel Forte 20 Ampoules

    Arkofluido Artichoke Fennel Forte 20 Ampoules with artichoke and fennel of maximum quality is perfect complement to draining diets for weight loss. with digestive properties they make you better regulate the metabolism of fats.

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  • Plantapol Detoxpol 500 ml
    Plantapol Detoxpol 500 ml

    Plantapol Detoxpol 500 ml formulated with stevia which makes it a much healthier formula. with extract of black radish, horsetail, desmodium, dandelion and fumaria makes a perfect combination detoxifying for all body fluids. A leading complex to take care of your line on a daily basis.

    19,80 € -48.2222% 10,25 €
  • Plantapol Green Coffee Plus 500 ml
    Plantapol Green Coffee Plus 500 ml

    Plantapol Green Coffee Plus 500 ml the power of cold or hot green coffee is ideal complement since apart from green coffee it contains green tea, fennel and horsetail with very powerful draining effect which makes you eliminate more than with other formulas. birch and black radish combine this leading fat burning formula

    19,80 € -46.4444% 10,60 €
  • Gallexier 250 ml Gallexier 250 ml
    Gallexier 250 ml

    Made from medicinal plants Improves cases of heavy digestion. Promotes liver function. Presentation of 250 ml. It includes bitter principles. Improves liver cells.

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  • Arkofluido Quemagrasa Concentrate Plus Bio 20 Days
    Arkofluido Quemagrasa Plus Triple Action 20 Vials

    Arkofluido Quemagrasa Plus Triple Action 20 Vials juice to lose weight with fucus, camilina, juice concetrado in pineapple but birch, a powerful draining at the service of taking care of your body. Great offer price for a powerful concentrated with the quality of arkopharma. Also juice of the pineapple that is a draining natural. Quemagrasa, diuretic and...

    20,00 € -32.02% 13,60 €
  • Siken Form Diuridren 14 envelopes
    Siken Form Diuridren 14 envelopes

    Siken form Diuridren 14 envelopes High power for loss of fluids naturally plant-based, with dandelion, pineapple facilitates the removal of liquids, favors the elimination of liquids from your body easily and effectively. Combined with a bit of care ensures you regain your shape and silhouette the easy way. Enter and you will find the best offer price....

    14,95 €
  • Drenaxtrem Drains Shapes Your Figure 1000 ml
    Out of stock
    Drenaxtrem Drains Shapes Your Figure 1000 ml

    Drains xtrem Drains Shapes Your Figure to 1000 ml with sarsaparilla, ortosifon, bearberry and grapefruit. Just take care of yourself a little and take 30 ml diluted in 2.5 liters per day and is a complement draining the fluids of your body.

    22,95 €
  • Neo Peques Mocosytos 150 ml farmaciamarket
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    Neo Peques Mocosytos 150 ml

    Neo Peques Mocosytos 150 ml raspberry Flavor that makes it not a struggle to give the syrup a daily basis. This comprised of natural plants at 100 % with scots pine, iceland lichen, mauve, poligala, and mullein. From 3 years

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  • Drenagensi 250 ml Drenagensi 250 ml
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    Drenagensi 250 ml Limon

    DrenaGensi 250 ml Lemon a solution with artichoke, dandelion, and sarsaparilla to complete your diet and help you to desintoxicarte inside and out, a plug-in 100 % vegetable with a glass pen. With Lemon flavor Nice vegan Diet - gluten free - Not genetically modified

    30,00 € -23.5057% 22,95 €

Syrups Natural medicinal Plants that help improve daily processes such as cough or vitamin supplements. The syrup medicines are prepared by extracting the active components of the plant with water and adding later sugar, which is a flavoring agent and preservative. The syrup medicines are used to preserve the active substances and their therapeutic properties to be altered and used for pathway internal. Easy and friendly administration due to masking the unpleasant taste of various substances (medicinal plants). The syrup medicines need to be clean and transparent. They should also keep the color, smell and taste characteristic of the materials that have been used for their preparation. The syrup is usually made with equal parts of infusion or decoction and honey or sugar, without you refine. The honey and raw sugar are good preservatives, soothe the mucous membranes irritated and mask the bad taste of some plants. It is a good remedy to calm a cough and throat irritation. Another way by which you can get the syrup is dissolved 180 grams of sugar in 100 cc. of water.