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Solutions Herboristeria

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  • Immune to 20 vials
    Immune to 20 vials

    Collaborates with the increase of the defenses. Reactivates the immune system. Prevents viral infections. Creates an effect of a natural antioxidant. Regulates the intestinal flora. Includes ingredients of natural origin.

    18,00 € -16.9315% 14,95 €
  • Siken Form Celulidren 15 envelopes
    Siken Form Celulidren 15 envelopes

    Siken Form Celulidren Forte 15 envelopes with pineapple flavor is a great complement to loss of fluids and drain where it accumulates in your body fluids, with green tea, red tea, pineapple and papaya is the add-on easy to take that drain your accumulations in legs and belly fluid, natural way 100 % insured.

    16,95 € -17.7158% 13,95 €
  • Siken Form Diuridren 14 envelopes
    Siken Form Diuridren 14 envelopes

    Siken form Diuridren 14 envelopes High power for loss of fluids naturally plant-based, with dandelion, pineapple facilitates the removal of liquids, favors the elimination of liquids from your body easily and effectively. Combined with a bit of care ensures you regain your shape and silhouette the easy way. Enter and you will find the best offer price....

    14,95 €
  • Plantapol Fat burner Forte 20 blisters
    Plantapol Fat burner Forte 20 blisters

    Plantapol Fat burner Forte 20 vials 20 vials of 10 ml of extract coffee green, red tea, L-carnitine, citrus, guarana, and green tea that will help with the dose of 1 blister on an empty stomach in the morning is an assistant in the diet of loss of weight and volume to complement a strategy of weight loss.

    15,95 € -22.2759% 12,40 €
  • Plantapol Vitalon Fer 20 blisters
    Plantapol Vitalon Fer 20 blisters

    Plantapol Vitalon Fer 20 blisters a blister for the deficit of iron-organic. Recommended in cases of Iron deficiency organic. Anemia of the athlete, heavy menstruation, abuse of antibiotics, sick of long duration. Activator of the Vital Force. juice with spinach is perfect as it is 100 % natural

    15,95 € -25.1034% 11,95 €
  • Intestcare 250 ml Intestcare 250 ml
    Intestcare 250 ml

    Intestcare 250 ml, Salus. A true bAlsamo to the gut - without yeast or alcohol, or flavorings synthesis gluten-free and lactose -

    18,95 € -21.1259% 14,95 €
  • Protector Protector
    Protector 250 ml

    Protector 250 ml contributes to the proper functioning of the circulatory thanks to its formulation with magnesium, The main components (hawthorn, scots, magnesium, vitamin E, pomegranate and red grape) reinforce the activity and proper functioning of the heart.

    16,79 €
  • Plantapol Maple Syrup 1 Litre
    Plantapol Maple Syrup 1 Litre

    Plantapol Maple Syrup 1 Liter is the most complete syrup to complete the diet cleansing syrup sap. You already know lemon, a bit of cinnamon syrup and make your diet more complete debugging and toxins. It is to be able to debug the agency remove all the excess toxins and waste products.

    32,95 € -16.5275% 27,50 €
  • Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 blisters
    -5,96 €
    Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 blisters

    Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 vials a natural complement to the feeling of heaviness in your legs. It is a natural remedy and perfect for big sale. Here you will be able to buy it at the best price online offering to help you. Plantapol laboratories is a large Spanish manufacturer of remedies that are 100 percent natural. thanks to Myrtirutin blisters with...

    15,95 € -5,96 € 9,99 €
  • Glamasot Evening Primrose, Vitamin E 450 Pearls
    Glama sot evening Primrose, Vitamin E 450 Pearls

    Glama sot evening Primrose, Vitamin E 450 Pearls with indications of real that can help you as Standardized anomalies (deficit) of the essential fatty acids, Relieves the symptoms of eczema, Improves the disorders of prostate in men, Reduces cholesterol levels, without causing side effects, reducing the progression of atherosclerosis, it Stops problems of...

    20,99 € -11.1635% 18,65 €
  • Fluidven 15 vials
    Fluidven 15 vials

    Fluidven 15 phials is a food supplement that promotes venous return correct and effective, thanks to a composition leader and natural. With disomina, hesperidin, extract of bilberry and horse chestnut is a formula effective and warranty. Just take one vial a day. Heaviness and aching legs, swollen legs, night cramps can treat thank you to buy fluidven.

    15,00 € -16.7155% 12,50 €
  • Floradix 500 ml
    Out of stock
    Floradix 500 ml

    Provides iron to the body. Includes vitamin B12. Favors the formation of new red blood cells. Improves the absorption of the iron in a natural way. Includes plant extracts and fruit juices. Contains vitamin C.

    23,95 € -12.4943% 20,95 €
  • Floradix 250 ml complejo vitaminico Floradix 250 ml complejo vitaminico
    Out of stock
    Floradix 250 ml

    Includes organic iron that is found in the ferrous gluconate. Contains vitamins B2, B6, B12 and C. It reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Preserves the energy metabolism of normal. Improves the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Includes a presentation of 250ml

    14,20 € -16.8861% 11,80 €
  • Floradix solution 250 ml Floradix solution 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Floravital 250 ml

    Floravital 250 ml same elixir that floradix but specially formulated for people with Celiac allergic to product on the market to get all the iron your body needs.

    14,20 € -19.055% 11,49 €
  • Alpenkraft Herbal Syrup 250 ml Alpenkraft Herbal Syrup 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Alpenkraft 250 ml

    Alpenkraft 250 ml with medicinal plants acting on the respiratory tract by helping to improve processes of breathing and avoiding coughing and difficulty in breathing, is a natural way to take care of yourself in a healthy manner. Salus will take care of you at all levels from a natural way. take care of yourself in a healthy and simple.

    12,50 € -18.3979% 10,20 €
  • Epresat offer non-pharmaceutical chemist online Epresat offer non-pharmaceutical chemist online
    Out of stock
    Epresat Multivitamin 250 ml

    Epresat 250 ml, Salus manufactures a snap vitaminico based on medicinal plants ideal for situations of deficit of vitamins as well as processes of maximum demand mental and physical.

    19,02 € -10.8733% 16,95 €
  • Salucur 250 ml Salucur 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Salucur 250 ml

    Salucur 250 ml Syrup manufactured by salus with extract of pumpkin seeds and fruits of sabal to an improvement of the prostate and bladder within the natural limits.

    18,54 € -10.9792% 16,50 €
  • Salullant 250 ml Salullant 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Salullant 250 ml

    Salullant 250 ml Salullant of Salus is produced on the basis of selected plants among which stands out the plantain. Intended for the care of the throat, and cavity bucofaríngea.

    9,50 €
  • Floradix Kidervital 250 ml Floradix Kidervital 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Floradix Kidervital 250 ml

    Includes calcium. Contains vitamins. Does not include milk protein, lactose, or gluten. Provides vitamin D. Promotes normal growth and development of bones. Made with herbal extracts, 9 vitamins and fruit juices, concentrated fruit.

    13,95 € -14.3533% 11,95 €
  • Saludynam 250 ml bones Saludynam 250 ml bones
    Out of stock
    Saludynam 250 ml

    Saludynam 250 ml Formula intended to provide a balanced intake of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D for strong and healthy bones. Ensures a huesoso healthy and strong as it is natural source.

    15,99 € -25.0344% 11,99 €
  • Salusan 250 ml syrup of rest Salusan 250 ml syrup of rest
    Out of stock
    Salusan 250 ml

    Salusan 250 ml Ideal for encouraging the rest thanks to its formula designed to try to relax the nervous system and support the rest, formulated with passionflower and leaves of lemon balm is a concentrated thought of the rest.

    14,15 € -11.6641% 12,50 €
  • Arkopharma Artichoke diet solution 14 days
    Out of stock
    Arkopharma Artichoke Detox Solution 14 days

    Arkopharma Artichoke Detox Solution 14 days, and a solution of the alcachofera to get a debugging total, loss of toxins and liquids secured and effective.

    13,95 € -21.2145% 10,99 €
  • Burner Plus 4 3 2 1 Dual 280 ml Arkopharma
    Out of stock
    Burner Plus 4 3 2 1 Dual 280 ml Arkopharma

    Burner Plus 4 3 2 1 Dual 280 ml Burn, drain and tone thanks to the new formula leader of sales with guarana, kola and green tea is a complement to your dietra to deshicharte and you can lose fluids effectively. Combine it with a good walk is effective and in addition you'll get a Pedometer

    27,95 € -14.3251% 23,95 €
  • Drenaxtrem Drains Shapes Your Figure 1000 ml
    Out of stock
    Drenaxtrem Drains Shapes Your Figure 1000 ml

    Drains xtrem Drains Shapes Your Figure to 1000 ml with sarsaparilla, ortosifon, bearberry and grapefruit. Just take care of yourself a little and take 30 ml diluted in 2.5 liters per day and is a complement draining the fluids of your body.

    22,95 €
  • Drenagensi 250 ml Drenagensi 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Drenagensi 250 ml Limon

    DrenaGensi 250 ml Lemon a solution with artichoke, dandelion, and sarsaparilla to complete your diet and help you to desintoxicarte inside and out, a plug-in 100 % vegetable with a glass pen. With Lemon flavor Nice vegan Diet - gluten free - Not genetically modified

    30,00 € -23.5057% 22,95 €
  • Ketones Raspberry 500 ml Ketones Raspberry 500 ml
    Out of stock
    Ketones Raspberry Syrup 500 ml drasanvi

    Ketones Raspberry 500 ml drasanvi to take 20 ml of the day is a perfect complement to your diet to take care of the line as it contains ketones raspberry, african mango, l-carnitine plus guarana and green tea extract, easy to take diluted in 1.5 liter of water per day. Enriched in Chromium

    20,00 € -17.4917% 16,50 €
  • Weleda Birch Oil anti-Cellulite 100 ml Weleda Birch Oil anti-Cellulite 100 ml
    Out of stock
    Oil Birch Weleda anti-Cellulite 100 ml

    Weleda Birch Oil anti-Cellulite 100 ml a natural oil from a mixture of birch leaf, rosemary and butcher's broom which are activators of the skin, which causes the movement of liquids and tanks that need to gradually do away with cellulite. Also contains wheat germ oil and jojoba oil with nutritional that will make your skin look hydrated.

    21,90 € -27.1823% 15,95 €
  • Weleda Birch Juice 200 ml
    Out of stock
    Weleda Birch Juice 200 ml

    Weleda Birch Juice 200 ml a fight deliplus from the interior with all the power destoxificante of the birch, The birch stimulates the functions cleansing of the body and purifies and clarifies the skin. The Juice of Birch Weleda is a product that is 100% biological. The prodcuto is 100 percent natural simply aqueous extract of leaves of birch biological...

    14,25 € -15.8744% 11,99 €
Syrups Natural medicinal Plants that help improve daily processes such as cough or add-ons vitaminicos. The syrup medicines are prepared by extracting the component assets of the plant with water and adding later sugar, which is a flavoring agent and preservative. The syrup medicines are used to preserve the active substances and their therapeutic properties to be altered and used for pathway internal. Easy and friendly administration due to masking the unpleasant taste of various substances (medicinal plants). The syrup medicines need to be clean and transparent. They should also keep the color, smell and taste characteristic of the materials that have been used for their preparation.The syrup is usually made with equal parts of infusion or decoction and honey or sugar, without you refine. The honey and raw sugar are good preservatives, soothe the mucous membranes irritated and mask the bad taste of some plants. It is a good remedy to calm a cough and throat irritation. Another way by which you can get the syrup is dissolved 180 grams of sugar in 100 cc. of water.
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