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Solgar laboratories is of 1947 leader in manufacturing of vitamins, supplements and supplementation for your body.
Vitamins, Trace elements and everything you need to complete your daily diet.
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Factory more than 365 products with the highest standards of manufacturing that make our formulas are the most popular and most purchased from the market.
We manufacture under Kosher Certification, and all our supplements are manufactured in glass jars amber recyclable

Solgar is a brand that for more than 70 years has been dedicated to quality, health and well-being of the organism, because its mission is based on the creation of the best nutritional supplements in small batches.

Solgar manufactures these small, as a result of tireless research work, using for this the best raw materials that can be found with the aim of providing greater confidence in the use of its products.

History of Solgar

Solgar has its birth in the sector of the nutritional supplements of natural origin in the añod of 1947, due to the introduction in the market of a multivitamin and multimineral high power.

At that time, started its journey in the field of nutrition, being fully committed to the health and well-being of the consumer, being their introduction in the Spanish market in the year 1991.

In that year, as the Brand Solgar was within the highest standards of natural health, as their supplements are made with the principle of generating guarantee thanks to the top quality and purity of their products.

Although, the commitment of this brand is not there, as it also seeks to ensure that its add-ons are fully digestible, generating a broad absorption power thanks to their innovative applications of coating aqueous.

It is for this reason that their tablets contain the functionality to be digested and broken down in the easiest way possible without the appearance of waste in the body.

Raw material of Solgar

Solgar has the idea that the quality of the raw material is essential, it is for this reason that it is chosen for its qualities and if you are tested by specialists who study the matter, so that if there is a trace of impurity is immediately rejected.

The Mark Solgar is composed of a great variety of professional scientists who are leaders in the industry, among which we can name nutritionists, biochemists, and researchers in the industry.

In solgar what's most important to find the perfect balance between health, nutrition, and above all, the nature, as a result on different occasions this company has been a pioneer in research.

Key aspects of the Business Base of Solgar

There are four main aspects that structure to Solgar and which are the ones that make up the backbone of your business base:

  • The Research: it is ideal to achieve excellence, as it starts the process of production, finding the purity in their formulas to provide a guarantee of the quality of 100%.

  • The development of quality products: this company seeks to ensure that its products are a reflection of their label dorara, by inserting most advanced science in the development of the same.

  • Service: Solgar highlighted by having a toll-free phone line where both the consumer and the retail can be plating the various problems that have or failing to make a query with the best experts of the company.

  • Training: it is believed necessary to a perfect training to reach to achieve success. Why to prepare and are thoroughly their suppliers and their representatives.

This is achieved through the contribution of the best and most up-to-date scientific information, achieving understand the actions that generate items on the human body.

Features Solgar

Solgar contains the certification of Kosher, this being one of the International Organizations most strict quality control standards for the certification of products and also, for the Gold certification standard that provides power and purity.

  • Includes the use of filters EPA, which is a “Catcher of particles of high-power” and the system of purification of water USP, which has the osmosis and filtration.

  • The toilet is essential, for this reason, when you make changes in the formulation, it is mandatory hygiene depth and disassemble the machinery so meticulous, that is to say, piece by piece.

Achieving with this, to ensure the “0%” traceability of other raw materials which do not exist in the formulation that is in the process.

  • Are used jars more expensive, thereby making it the best protection against the sun's rays, light, heat, and moisture, providing maintenance, perfect for the formulation with its active principles cigars.

Solgar performs a work day to day in order to continue functioning as a trademark avant-garde, thus offering a product with a great base in the science of research and with the most advanced technology and current.

For that reason, products from Solgar are included in the group of antioxidants, multi-nutrient, special supplements, fatty acids, and vitamins of the highest quality.

Solgar and their commitment to quality

Solgar offers excellent nutritional supplements, always providing the maximum guarantee of quality to the consumer, since the products of this brand are analyzed by different stages of preparation that goes from raw material to final product.

Why the birth of the starts with a quality raw material, already discussed many pure matters that grow in a natural way, which are grown on farms or that are found in the minerals that are under the earth, or the sea.

In addition, in its formulation will try to eradicate the greater the number of allogeneic not to cause negative reactions in consumers.

Packaging of Solgar

Solgar has managed to differentiate itself also by its packaging, as the products come from making small-batch, which used glass jars that have a color amber, green, or blue.

And as a result provide a product great protection against the heat, light and moisture, achieving to enhance the purity of its components. Also contains a symbol of quality that is his famous gold label where you will find the detailed information of the same.

Product line Solgar

The products in its vast majority are made without the addition of sugars, salts, and / or materials of fillers because they consider it completely unnecessary.

In addition, it provides a wide range of dietary supplements developed for different needs, which are grouped into 7 segments key to the health of the organism:

  • Beauty

  • Bones and Joints

  • Woman

  • Digestion

  • Cardiovascular

  • Break

  • Energy