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Solgar Omega 3-6-9 60 Capsules


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A formula with the perfect and studied amounts of combination of DHA and ARA through fish, flaxseed and borage extracts. A perfect composition of EPA eicosapentanoic acid, DHA docosahexanoic acid and ALA alpha linolenic acid.

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It is the result of a composition of extracts of the best quality oils, such as omega 3, 6 and 9 that are obtained from borage, fish and flaxseed.

These distilled oils are very necessary for the perfect work of the human body, so they should be part of the daily diet as they help to improve different physiological objectives.

Why Buy Solgar Omega 3-6-9 60 Capsules in Pharmacy Market?

It contains among its active compounds omega 3 extracted especially from oily fish such as salmon, sardine and mackerel, to get the eicosapentanoic and docosahexanoic acids so necessary for the body.

In addition, it contains compounds that are naturally converted into EPA and DHA making them easily absorbed by the body.

It contains linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid that are extracted from oils and fruits to generate omega 6. In the same way, the omega 9 found naturally in foods rich in oleic acid is extracted from olive oil and nuts.

It is very important that omega 6 and omega 3 are distributed in an essential way throughout the body.

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So that Solgar Omega 3-6-9 60 Capsules generate all the benefits provided by these omega its intake of three capsules daily is recommended, to generate a greater contribution of oils so important for the human body.

Omega 6 is extracted from the best quality oils from borage and flaxseed, while omega 9 is generated by oleic acid that originates from flaxseed oil.

Fish oils can become contaminated as a result of the toxicants consumed by fish at the bottom of the aquatic food chain.

For this reason, the oils must be distilled, achieving a greater elimination of mercury found in PCBs and other heavy metals resulting from contamination, providing greater safety and purity of the result.

Indications of the Solgar Omega 3-6-9 60 Capsules

This component achieves the combination of Omegas extracted from three oils of the best quality which are fish, borage and linseed oils, which are formulated to specifically offer the perfect portion of fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9.

They are extracted from ingredients of natural origin such as anchovies, mackerel and sardines, managing to distill it in a molecular way to eliminate PCB, mercury, among other heavy metals that can contaminate the extracts.

It does not have among its formula any ingredients harmful to humans such as sugar, starch or salt.

How to use Solgar Omega 3-6-9 60 Capsules

It is recommended that one capsule be ingested with each meal daily or as the specialist finds indicated according to the need that the body has, without exceeding the daily dose that was indicated above or that of the attending physician.

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