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Solgar L-Arginine 500mg 50 Capsules


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Solgar L-Arginine 500mg 50 Capsules it is a nutritional component that reaches through a single dose the entry into the body of the amount needed of L-Arginine, this amino acid offers a lot of benefits for the body.

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The body is capable of independently producing this arginine, but due to different conditions it cannot completely cover the demand that the body requires for this component.

This occurs in case of people who are athletes, people with infection or stress.

It has different functions which generate the optimal result of the product leading to the transport, storage and elimination of nitrogen generated in the body due to the urea cycle on a regular basis.

Main Characteristics of Solgar L-Arginine 500mg 50 Capsules

It was generated so that it can be ingested by all types of people, especially those people who are vegetarians, thanks to the fact that the ingredients of this product are of natural origin.

  • In its formulation it has a total of 500 mg of amino acid L-Arginine and a total of 90 capsules.
  • In addition, it is certified Kosher (KOF-K).
  • It is gluten-free, without any type of sugars, yeast and sodium, in addition there is no type of dairy or derivatives of it.
  • These pills do not have any kind of aroma, preservatives or dyes, nor the presence of artificial sweeteners.
  • It contains approximately 10 grams of arginine per pill.
  • It is a perfect stimulant of blood circulation in the body.

 Main Ingredient of Solgar L-Arginine 500mg 50 Capsules

The main ingredient of Solgar L-Arginine 500mg 50 Capsules it is L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that is necessary for the metabolism of muscles.

This compound is essential for the body since it is responsible for serving as a transport, elimination and storage of nitrogen, a compound with which ammonia is released, which is caused by the urea cycle.

Being important also for the improvement it provides in the regeneration and production of tissues, addressing as the first link the skin and connective tissue of the body

It generates a very stimulating work, which manages to provide the release of growth hormone, which results in the improvement of the elimination of fats, thereby achieving perfect muscle development.

Indications of the Solgar L-Arginine 500mg 50 Capsules

Solgar L-Arginine 500mg 50 Capsules it is indicated for people who wish to obtain an ideal care for their health, since they try to find an improvement based on the contribution of the amino acid arginine in the daily diet.

It is indicated for people who want to achieve the well-being of their immune system, achieving the result of optimal purification and a better work of liver function.

In addition, it is useful for consumers who want to have an improved appearance and condition of the skin and also offers rapid wound healing.

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