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Solgar Hierro Gentle 180 Capsules


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It is a food supplement created based on iron, ensuring absorption in a faster way, managing to avoid stomach irritations generating as a result the elimination of constipation.

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Due to its formulation it is suitable for consumption by people who follow kosher, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, since it does not contain any type of ingredients of animal origin, it also does not include any type of dairy or derivatives.

This option is highly recommended to be ingested by all those people who suffer from intestinal problems, constipation and discomfort, since it is specially formulated to be friendly to the stomach.

Why Buy Solgar Hierro Gentle 180 Capsules at Farmacia Market?

Iron is a component that easily generates irritation of the gastrointestinal system, for this reason this supplement is made Iron Solgar Gentle 180 Capsules it can be used by vegans, vegetarians and kosher people, since it does not have any type of animal products among its compounds. Consuming this product generates an improvement in:

  • It helps to generate better cognitive work.
  • The metabolism works in an ideal way, thus achieving a great production of energy.
  • It achieves normalization of hemoglobin and red blood cell production.
  • The transport of oxygen in the human body is carried out under the appropriate standards
  • The immune system performs a normal function with the expected results.
  • The decrease in tiredness and fatigue is felt practically immediately after the first intake.
  • Cell division is carried out in the normal way and without problems.

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Since iron is a completely necessary mineral for the body, it must be present in the body in large quantities to perform an excellent function in the body in a biological way.

It can be obtained naturally by consuming different foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, cereals and nuts. Although those people who possess a vegan lifestyle should have additional help to obtain this element.

The reduction of iron in the body generates tiredness and fatigue as a result, for this reason it is necessary to have an extra consumption of this compound, in order to achieve a healthy energy maintenance in the body.

Iron also fulfills the objective of being a vehicle in the transport of oxygen throughout the body and through cellular tissues, resulting in normal cognitive activity to have a greater amount of energy and strength through the immune system.

Iron that is made based on bisglycinate should be used, since this is the appropriate way to use iron while avoiding any type of discomfort, thus achieving the elimination of the problems of its intake.

Mode of Use of the Iron Solgar Gentle 180 Capsules

Iron Solgar Gentle 180 Capsules it is indicated for people who have iron insufficiency, which may include babies who have not had adequate breastfeeding, women of childbearing age, athletes, vegetarians and teenage girls.