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Solgar Female Multiple 60 Tablets


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Vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in different foods, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to consume a balanced diet, since there is the factor of Moderna techniques that impoverish the soil.

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Achieving in this way also impoverish the food that is consumed, having to resort to Solgar Female Multiple 60 tablets that provides those vitamins and minerals that are so necessary.

This multivitamin and multimineral supplement, which was specifically developed to be ingested by women due to the fact that the nutritional needs between men and women are not the same.

Its composition is based on the premise that not all organisms have the same needs, so situations can be generated that increase or modify needs, such as physical exercise, mental effort, stress, among others.

Why Buy Solgar Female Multiple 60 Tablets in Pharmacy Market?

It is an excellent mixture of nutrients that largely covers the needs of women in their fertile years, in a very specific way avoiding different situations that can affect during this period.

  • It achieves the improvement of situations such as menstrual syndrome, premenstrual, premesnopausic perimenopause.
  • It provides excellent capillary, bone and vascular support.
  • When using this product it is necessary to contribute to the body with balanced nutrition where calcium is provided to support in this way a better preservation of bone mass.
  • This product manages to anticipate in an optimal way the problems that can develop in the body such as menopause.
  • It has vitamin E and B complex which manage to attenuate and prevent those premenstrual symptoms that women suffer so much.
  • A good amount of iron enters the body, managing to reward the losses suffered by the body because of menstruation, thus generating the prevention of anemia.
  • It performs an ideal combination between vitamins and minerals necessary for a woman's body.
  • In its formula there is a total of 27 nutrients
  • It is completely suitable for the use of vegetarians and vegans.

Also, it contains a high level of pantothenic acid with which it helps energetic metabolism, also intellectual performance, thus generating a conservation of the metabolism of steroid hormones.

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Solgar Female Multiple 60 Tablets it is specifically indicated for women of childbearing age and who feel that they need extra nutrients to counteract the consequences of a hectic lifestyle and the level of stress they have.

This product is extremely important since it helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness thanks to the fact that it contains magnesium and iron in its formula, achieving excellent absorption, eradicating gastrointestinal irritation and constipation.

Also, it has an excellent grouping of vitamins which provide a loss of exhaustion and weakness, thus providing antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, Zinc and selenium. 

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