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Solgar Clorela 520mg 100 Capsules


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  • It interacts in cell regeneration.
  • Provides essential amino acids.
  • Balances intestinal transit.
  • Helps detoxify the intestine.
  • It is an essential source of nutrients.
  • Promotes its total absorption.

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Solgar Clorela 520mg 100 Capsules it provides a lot of qualities and advantages as a consequence of its content of Chlorella, which is a green algae that is considered as a Superfood.

This food supplement has been made from Chlorella pyrenoidosa, which is a unicellular green algae that reproduces in fresh water and provides a large amount of nutrients to the body that favors its normal functioning.

Benefits of Solgar Chlorella 520mg 100 Capsules

This food supplement that causes a lot of benefits to the body such as protection against ultraviolet radiation, since its high levels of chlorophyll originate an effective care against ultraviolet radiation, while reducing the radioactive particles of the body.

  • It promotes the detoxification of heavy metals in the body, such as mercury, which is a neurotoxin that causes numerous pathologies.
  • It helps to generate weight loss, since it collaborates with the reduction of the percentage of body fat and bad cholesterol.
  • It promotes circulation, improves energy levels and reduces toxins, since as the body decreases weight, toxins are reduced.
  • It collaborates with the slowing down of the aging process by decreasing the oxidative stress that causes pollution, diet or stress.
  • It favors the action of NK cells or natural killer resulting in strengthening the immune system.
  • Reduces sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • It includes a hormone that reactivates natural muscle growth and cell restoration.

Properties of Solgar Chlorella 520mg 100 Capsules

Solgar Clorela 520mg 100 Capsules it includes a high amount of proteins that provide essential amino acids, high levels of chlorophyll, carbohydrates and fiber.

Additionally, it includes in its composition potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and manganese.

Mixed with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, K, pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid, inositol, carotenoids and vitamin C; while containing Chlorella Growth Factor.

It is an essential source of nutrients, while promoting the balance of intestinal transit and collaborates with the detoxification of the intestine against foods that have not been digested correctly and can generate discomfort and constipation.

It also helps in cell regeneration, since this micro algae is added after being ground and dried to make it easier to digest and absorb.

Indications of Solgar Chlorella 520mg 100 Capsules

Solgar Clorela 520mg 100 Capsules it has been specially formulated to be ingested by those who wish to improve their diet with a supplement of natural and vegetable origin, which provides excellent results in the phases of physical or intellectual exhaustion.

  • It can be consumed by vegetarians, athletes or people with insufficient or scarce diets.
  • People who require greater care of their immune system, while developing the normal functioning of the defenses.
  • Its chlorella content reduces the pain that causes fibromyalgia.
  • It balances triglyceride levels and LDL or bad cholesterol, while providing antioxidants that prevent heart disease.
  • It collaborates in the natural elaboration of the digestive flora, bacteria and probiotics, favoring the digestive system.

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