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  • Silicium G5 Original Sin Conservantes 1000ml Silicium G5 Original Sin Conservantes 1000ml
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    Original Silicium G5 Without Preservatives 1000ml

    Preservation of the health of hair and nails. Youth and smoothness of the skin Constituent element of collagen. Regenerates the connective tissue of the skin. Delays the effects of aging. Does not contain preservatives

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  • Colnatur Sport Neutral 330 g
    Colnatur Sport Neutral 330 g

    Colnatur Sport Neutral 330 g it is the most complete formulas of colnatur collagenos, it is a formula with collagen plus magnesium that completes a formula designed for athletes and people who, due to excessive use of joints, need daily reinforcement and a contribution of collagen beyond food. great food supplement with colnatur quality.

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  • Silicium G5 Siliplant 1 Litro Silicium G5 Siliplant 1 Litro
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    Silicium G5 Siliplant 1 Liter

    Contains horsetail extract. It comes in a 1000ml bottle. Contains rosemary. It helps the production of collagen. Strengthens muscle fibers. It benefits athletes and people with joint problems.

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  • Plantapol Organic Silicon Bioavailable 1 Liter
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    Plantapol Organic Silicon Bioavailable 1000 ml

    It is a dietary supplement based on organic silicon bioavailable for oral use It offers many health benefits Improves the absorption of essential nutrients Helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer

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  • Glamasot Evening Primrose, Vitamin E 450 Pearls
    Glama sot evening Primrose, Vitamin E 450 Pearls

    Glama sot evening Primrose, Vitamin E 450 Pearls with indications of real that can help you as Standardized anomalies (deficit) of the essential fatty acids, Relieves the symptoms of eczema, Improves the disorders of prostate in men, Reduces cholesterol levels, without causing side effects, reducing the progression of atherosclerosis, it Stops problems of...

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  • Orgono Sport Recovery Supplement-1000 ml
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    Orgono Sport Recovery Supplement-1000 ml

    Muscle recovery. Prevention of sports injuries. Regeneration of the collagen fiber. Elastin improved. It repairs the tissues. Rejuvenates the tissues.

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  • Drasanvi Organic Silicon 1000ml
    Drasanvi Organic Silicon 1000ml

    Drasanvi Organic Silicon 1000ml

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  • Biosil 60 capsules
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    Biosil 60 capsules

    Biosil 60 capsules is a supplement to your diet with a world-exclusive, so that your body is able to generate natural collagen BioSil helps the body to generate its own collagen, unlike other products with collagen. Its effectiveness is clinically proven to keep skin, hair, nails, bones and joints healthy.

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  • Biosil Duplo Promotion 120 capsules
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    Biosil Duplo Promotion 120 capsules

    2 bottles of 60 capsules Original Cash in nails, hair, and joints. Product sold in 2020. 2 Capsules per day 2 capsules: 10 mg of silicon, 200 mg of choline Treatment for 60 Days

    79,95 € -28.77% 56,95 €
  • Silibiol Silicon-Organic Complex 500 ml
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    Silibiol Silicon-Organic Ineldea 500 ml

    Silibiol Silicon-Organic Complex 500 ml Bioavailable extract 7 natural plants. Protects your cells from oxidative stress and it is health to your body, cartilage, bones, skin, muscles. Raspberry Flavour Limon

    29,95 € -6.5369% 28,00 €
  • Cumlaude Summum Rx Capsules
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    Cumlaude Summum Rx Capsules

    Cumlaude Summum Rx Capsules an antioxidant complex real to combine with the range of dermatological summum, An anti-aging treatment composed of evening Primrose Oil; Magnesium Silicate; Red grapes; Coenzyme Q10, Pycnogenol®, Magnesium stearate; Vitamin E Acetate; Silicon Dioxide; Biotin. Capsules: Gelatin; Dyestuffs E-122, E-171. A composition leader in...

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  • Colnatur Sport Lemon 345 g
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    Colnatur Sport Lemon 345 g

    Colnatur Sport Lemon 345 g a collagen formula enriched in magnesium, manganese and essential vitamins in deficiency states and in states of maximum demand, Athletes and people who do sports regularly as runners or runners are perfect to be able to start with colnatur sport lemon at the best promotional offer price.

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  • Humalik Skin n 1 Beauty Plan 20 dias
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    Humalik Skin n 1 Beauty Plan 20 dias

    Humalik Skin n 1 Beauty Plan 20 days with collagen, hyaluronic acid plus vitamins is the innovative Plan of three supplements with natural ingredients dermoestructurantes and antioxidants that you can find to buy in pharmacy at the best price online pharmacy.

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  • Hcf Artifer Silicon Complex 1000 ml
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    Hcf Artifer Silicon Complex 1000 ml

    Hcf Artifer Silicon Complex 1000 ml with a dose of 30 ml per day is faithful add-on for day to day care-based marine collagen and silicon. Valid for approximately 1 month with a dose of 30 ml per day. Gluten-Free. with 45 mg per dose and 75 mg of silicon plus 10 mg of hyaluronic acid is the most complete of the market. You can find it at the best price...

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  • Silicium G5 Siliplant 1000ml + 1000ml Duplo Promotion
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    Silicium G5 Siliplant 1000ml + 1000ml Duplo Promotion

    This is a promotion. Contains horsetail extract. It is presented in two bottles of one liter each. Contains rosemary. It helps the creation of collagen. Strengthens muscle fibers.

    70,00 € -24.3514% 52,95 €
  • Buy Silicium G7 Original Organic 1000ml Buy Silicium G7 Original Organic 1000ml
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    Silicium G7 Original Organic 1000ml

    Contributes to the prevention of imbalances. Improves the regeneration of cartilage, bones, teeth and skin. It provides strength to the skin, hair and nails. Maximizes its assimilation. It causes faster results. Contains Original Organic Silicium G7

    37,95 €

The Silicon is the second ore more frequent and present in the majority of the materials in the earth, and not in the water. According to their origin and structure, the silicon may be minneral and organic.

In this instance we'll talk about the organic silicon, a trace element necessary in many of the important processes of our body. You'll know if you have deficiency of silicon and where to find it to consume, from food, ointments, injections, or through nutritional supplements.

We'll tell you the difference of assimilation with every one of these cases. So you'll know which is the best format according to your characteristics and your shortcomings.

What processes is present in the Organic Silicon?

Organic silicon is present in many of the essential processes of our organísmo. And is produced by the same, however at a certain age, the body stops producing it and asumilarlo in the same way.

The fabrics they use most of the silicon in our body are the aorta, the blood vessels, the liver, the pancreas, the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, skin, nails and hair.

Silicon is widely used in anti-aging medicine because as we age, the silicon is lost and is not assimilated in the same way by our body. From the age of 40 - 45 years, the silicon low concentration in our body.

The silicon in general helps keep the footing of the structure of the skin for which the collagen and hyaluronic acid are implemented satisfactorily in the dermis.

Among other things, that improves the silicon is the structure of the veins, the improvement of cholesterol, aid in inflammation and is an adjunct in the mineralization of bone.

How do I know if I need to take silicon?

In general, the silicon, as already said ateriormente, it is an essential element in the processes of the body, and so with this theory any person would do well to increase the silicon in her body.

However there are certain physical signs that indicate a deficiency of silicon in the body, as for example: peeling of the nails, hair loss and hair extremely weak, premature wrinkling of the skin, and in some cases atherosclerosis.

On the other hand if we notice that we find it hard to do certain types of movements, such as, for example, stretch your arm to reach for something in the kitchen, it may be due, among other things, to a deficiency of silicon.

We recommend, however, that before you put silicon extra to your body, consult your physician confidence and pass this initiative.

What are the foods that contain silicon?

There are numerous foods that contain silicon. However we have to tell you two things: first you have to know that, from a certain age the body does not assimilate the same way or not absorbed by the silicon, so we feed him well, probably this mineral will not be absorbing as we hope.

On the other hand, we recommend that the food that you consume, especially vegetables and fruits, whether they are from a reliable source or at least to know that they are not processes, substances, where it is used a lot of chemicals in the process to accelerate.

Then, some of the foods that contains silicon, are the following:

  • Cucumber
  • Paprika
  • Tomato
  • Horsetail infusion
  • Oats
  • Cocoa
  • Eggs
  • Meats
  • Sea salt

Other ways to consume the silicon

There are multiple ways to consume the organic silicon and will further depend on the comfort of each method, the type of requirement that you have your organísmo, taking into account the age, physical activity, among other factors.

In general the organic silicon can be consumed in the following ways:

  • In the form of ointments: there are ointments that base their formulas on siliconbased, among other things, to improve the cellulite and the structure of the dermis. This is one of the aesthetic use of silicon.
  • Injections: there are injections, facial silicon plasma, which helps in general to the foundation, to increase the functions of hyaluronic acid and collagen. This method is endorsed by the Spanish Agency of medicines.
  • Pickups: this method is part of the nutriestética and we recommend before starting these supplements, consult your trusted physician to approve this use. In general, these supplements work to increase the growth, calcification and the formation of cartilage and connective tissue.

Supplements to Silicon-based

There are in the market multiple food supplements based in the Silicon. Promptly at our pharmacy we have various options, among which are the following:

  • Venpharma Silicon 1000 ml : this add-in is based sicilio, and in addition it has a pleasant taste, which is something that is very important to consume for fácilitar the habit of consumption. It is a supplement that comes in a large size so that they can also help you save.
  • Hcf Artifer Silicon Complex 1000 ml : is a supplement formulated with collagen-based marine and silicon, ideal for dealing with the problems of joints in a manner potentiated and efficient.
  • Silicium G5 Siliplant 1 Litre: this supplement is fully organic, and with silicon content obtained from the horsetail plant. Helps the natural formation of collagen, which is also an adjuvant in problems of the joints. This add-in can be used in athletes who constantly injuries occur in the joints themselves from the constant physical activity.
  • Silibiol Silicon-Organic Ineldea 500 ml: this add-on is silicon-based, but also contains turmeric, horsetail, nettle, among other natural elements. It is a treatment that can last for fifteen days if it is taken regularly and as indicated by the propecto.

What do you recommend?

As you can see, you have many options to begin with to consume the Silicon, from supplements that you can find in our pharmacy, to food options that are rich in silicon.

In case you're going to start taking any dietary supplement silicon-based, we always recommend that, before doing so, you consult your trusted physician, as a matter of health and responsibility.

Also, remember that in our pharmacy you have the best options if you want to start consuming Silicon.