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Siken Substitute Cookie Bar 8 Units


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Siken Cookie Bar 8 Units some bars with just 169 kilocalories per bar enriched in fiber vitamins and minerals with glucomannan and L-Carnitine that help you take care of the line and lose weight.

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Siken Cookie Bar 8 Units it is a meal replacement indicated for people who want to lose weight or who perform some type of exercise or sport.

Thanks to its content it has the function of offering a balanced amount of nutrients, by consuming two bars of this product the equivalent of a meal is provided to the body in a fast and pleasant way.

This means that this product aims to supply any food of the day, taking care of health and providing the right amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Why buy Siken Substitute Cookie Bar 8 Units in Pharmacy Market?

Siken Cookie Bar 8 Units it is indicated for those people who want to replace a meal with an element that is faster and just as healthy as a complete food.

Ideal for those people who perform exercises and are looking for a substitute that provides enough energy to face the day to day and in the same way about taking the exercise without fatigue.

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Siken Cookie Bar 8 Units these bars come ready to be consumed between meals or when replacing one of the three main foods, helping not to waste time.

A bar should be taken mid-morning or mid-afternoon and thus fulfills the objective of a snack, it helps to get out of trouble at the moment when there is not enough time, this snack being the best help.

If you consume two bars instead of any of the three meals, the substitution is made as a result of having the necessary amount of nutrients to offer that function.

Siken Recommendation Cookie Bar 8 Units

As much water as possible should be consumed, so it is recommended that at least one and a half liters be drunk to help the absorption of nutrients.

This diet should be combined with a hypocaloric diet after consuming the product. If you want to replace a food, you should consume two bars to achieve the amount of nutrients needed.

To advance the effects of this bar, it is recommended to perform exercises to lose weight more easily, so it is necessary to vary the food so that the bars are adsorbed in the best way and in a short period of time.

It should be stored in a cool and dry place in which it does not have contact with the sun and should be away from the reach of children.

It is indicated to be a food substitute, but it must be mixed with a low-calorie diet and different foods must be included.

In people who have pathology, are breastfeeding or are pregnant, a medical analysis should be performed to indicate if you need to use this product and how to use it.

People wishing to make a prolonged intake of the product should also contact the doctor.