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Siken Substitute Collagen Shake Cocoa Plus 6 Sachets


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  • They are designed to replace the main meals.
  • Designed to help you lose weight.
  • They have a pleasant and authentic cocoa flavor.
  • 6 sachets come with the purchase.
  • It has a high contribution of collagen.
  • It also provides minerals and vitamins.

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Do you want to lose weight and also give your body everything it needs?

Siken Collagen Replacement Shake Cocoa Plus 6 Sachets it is a replacement shake with a contribution of collagen and vitamin C that is designed to help you lose weight while still providing your body with everything it needs to be healthy.

This new Siken product joins the other substitute products developed by this brand with years of research. The idea is to replace one or two of your main meals with taking a sachet dissolved in water of this product, which in addition to protein, will provide you with collagen and vitamin C so that it is absorbed in the best way.

In the following lines, you will know in detail everything that this has to offer you substitute milkshake with cocoa flavor.

What are the features of this product?

Among the most salient features that you should know about Siken Collagen Replacement Shake Cocoa Plus 6 Sachets the following are:

  • It is a new flavor, such as Cocoa, which is developed by the Siken brand and that provides new elements that the other Siken smoothies do not provide.
  • This product contains Verisol collagen which is a patented collagen formula that contains collagen peptide in an optimized way that is designed to improve the health of your skin, modifying the elasticity, thus avoiding the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.
  • It increases the moisture of the skin, being an anti-aging, antioxidant and nutritious product.
  • Each sachet of this product brings 50grs of powder.
  • It also contains vitamin C which helps the collagen contained in this formula to be optimally absorbed.
  • This product is developed with the aim of helping you lose weight.
  • It was also developed to help you maintain your ideal weight, in case you have it.
  • It has an irresistible cocoa flavor.
  • It contains 13 vitamins and 15 minerals.
  • Among the main ingredients are: milk protein and cocoa.
  • It provides 204kcal for each shake.

How to use and precautions

When it comes to nutrition we have to be very careful in what we give to our body, not for nothing there is the saying “we are what we eat”. So as for the mode of use, there are two ways. If what you want is to lose weight with this smoothie, the ideal is that you replace two main meals with the intake of one sachet. If, on the other hand, what you want is to maintain your weight, we recommend that you replace only one meal with an envelope of this product.

  • Remember to consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting to take this product.
  • This product is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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