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Siken Substitute Chocolate Bars 8 Units


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Siken Chocolate Bars 8 Units a substitute range to take care of yourself and lose weight keep your line with only 125 kilocalories per bar rich in fiber vitamins and minerals.

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Siken Chocolate Bars 8 Units it is a help when starting a weight control or reduction regimen, since it contains all the nutrients that a meal can have in a balanced way, which makes this product one of the best.

It is a dietary supplement enriched with fiber that generates a fairly high percentage of vitamins and minerals since it contains among its compounds, glucomannan and chitosan, which provide a large amount of nutrients.

It contains a rich chocolate flavor that is extremely beneficial when ingesting this nutritious food.

Why buy Siken Substitute Chocolate Bars 8 Units in Pharmacy Market?

Siken Chocolate Bars 8 Units it helps to control weight, while ingesting all the nutrients of a balanced meal, as it is rich in fiber and provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

This product helps to replace any of the main meals of the day or to ingest it between meals as a snack, to take care of the weight in a more enjoyable and delicious way, while enjoying its pleasant chocolate flavor.

This bar is a substitute food for those people who like to consume sweet foods and who are also under a weight loss regime or who do some sport.

They are made with an intense dark chocolate flavor, additionally contains only 125 calories per bar and contains components that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, so they generate all the benefits that a complete balanced meal.

Features of Siken Chocolate Bars 8 Units

Siken Chocolate Bars 8 Units it is a bar that replaces a complete meal that aims to help weight control, accompanying those busiest moments with the exquisite chocolate flavor.

  • It generates a delicious way to hold the line.
  • It contains an amount of 170kcal per bar.
  • 2 bars contain all the necessary nutrients to replace a balanced meal a day
  • It is enriched with fiber.
  • It contains a huge amount of nutrients necessary for the human body.
  • It is necessary to maintain an adequate daily fluid intake, as a result of its high fiber content.

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It is advisable to consume Siken Chocolate Bars 8 Units before doing any sports practice. In the same way, these bars are indicated to replace a meal or to serve as a snack at any time of the day.

You can consume one bar as a snack or if you prefer two bars that would be the equivalent of a meal. In the same way, it is suggested to drink plenty of water at least an approximate liter and a half a day, and combine with a low-calorie diet.

If a main meal is replaced with two bars while a weight loss process is being carried out, weight gain can be prevented again, although it is recommended to exercise and eat moderately.

This product is indicated to replace meals preferably lunch or dinner and is only suitable to be used as part of a low calorie diet, which must necessarily include other foods for a better diet.