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Siken Form Substitute Cookie Bar 44 g Exhibitor 24 Units


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Siken Form Cookie Substitute Bar 44 g they can be used as snacks, and in anxious moments caused by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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These types of products help to maintain a healthy diet because they will not be forced to consume foods that generate a disproportion in the diet, thus helping to maintain the body at its ideal weight.

In the same way, these serve as a substitute for meals at the moment when you are just on time or are away from home, since it becomes an excellent alternative to get out of trouble, only two bars should be consumed.

Why buy Siken Form Substitute Cookie Bar 44 g Exhibitor 24 Units in Pharmacy Market?

Siken Form Cookie Substitute Bar 44 g they have been fortified with L-carnitine thus achieving the advantage of the metabolization of fat content in the body.

It is part of the I Want to Maintain line of Siken, these products being an aid in maintaining the ideal weight provided by the best bars that are designed in order to be practical and delicious for meals.

In this way they are used as snacks or substitutes for any food of the day without fear that a good diet is not being obtained, placing the care that is needed for the body first.

  • For every two bars consumed is the equivalent of one meal.
  • Each bar is designed to provide the essential ingredients for the body.
  • It has the ideal percentage of protein to cover daily needs.
  • It is low in calories to help maintain an ideal weight.
  • Its formula is rich in fibers thus giving the components of a balanced meal.
  • It is used as a food substitute and as an addition between meals.

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Siken Form Cookie Substitute Bar 44 g they are completely easy to consume because you just have to have the knowledge that one bar is an equivalent to a snack and two are the substitute for a meal.

When using these bars, you should ingest plenty of water during the day to benefit the hydration of the body and elimination of substances, it is also advisable when using it as a food substitute to have a low-calorie diet for the rest of the day.

General Information Siken Form Substitute Cookie Bar 44 g Exhibitor 24 Units

Those people who want to preserve a figure have the option of this substitute that generates incredible pleasure when ingesting it due to the great flavor it contains.

This is the best bar to use at the time of a hurry to solve the food and nutrient intake, since it contains the vitamins that are necessary for day to day and even more so for those moments when you attend the gym or do some sport.

For pregnant women, the elderly or people who suffer from diseases and wish to ingest the product, the assistance of a doctor is recommended, because they should be informed if this type of diet is ideal for the needs faced by their body at the moment.

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