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Siken Bars

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The brand known Siken each day is set more favorably as a brand that develops nutritional solutions with high protein content that helps people achieve their goals with respect to the reduction and weight maintenance.

It has several products that help people to achieve these objectives, among which are beaten substitute, prepared substitute, snacks, biscuits, crackers and protein bars. Of these last we're going to talk to you about in detail in the next post.

Do you want a snack but don't want to break the diet? Do you want to replace a dessert and eat something delicious at the same time? Do you want to give your body the protein it needs for the diet? Stay here in this article because we will tell you how sticks siken diet meet with this function and other more that we are going to tell.

Sticks to a balanced diet

This wonderful brand has available a wide variety of siken diet protein bars for a balanced diet. For nobody is a secret that the balance is an aspect that is ideal for many things, balance is also ideal to have a nutrition that provide us with items needed for our large machine, as it is our body can operate optimally.

Between the sticks to a balanced diet, Siken have available sticks, yogurt, simple and yogurt apple. Both presentations are designed to provide you with high portions of protein and fiber plus 12 vitamins, 15 minerals. It is an ideal choice when you get hungry but don't want to break the diet. In addition to its content of glucomannan guarantee the feeling of satiety.

Bars alternative

Siken is also available bars substitute that can be purchased individually or in packages where they are coming from 8 bars, which have a weight of 36grs. They are designed to be able to replace a main meal without health risks, taking two of these sticks. They are available in flavors such as berries, orange peel, cocoa and hazelnuts. These bars are low-fat and low in carbohydrates.

They are ideal if you are taking a diet rich in protein and low in calories. Each stick of this style brings nearly 125kcal. Take into account that also contain glucomannan and L-carnitine, important elements to generate a feeling of satiety. What you will allow for hours to have a full stomach, and you're not tempted to feel tempted to break the diet.

In addition, with their varied and excellent flavors you'll stay satisfied and pleased.

Bars Siken Diet

With its line of Siken Diet that includes more than 4 different flavors including chocolate, cream, cocoa, vanilla and bourbon, coconut and banana, nougat and coffee.

In addition to providing an estimate of approximately ten grams of protein per bar, these provide vitamins and minerals including vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, And some of these bars contain calcium and phosphorus.

This line is specifically designed for the time when it makes you a snack. There are bars substitute of main meals and are not intended for that purpose. There are bars not suitable for vegetarians, intolerant to gluten and lactose intolerant, because they contain milk protein, no gluten, and some nuts.

Always remember, before you buy look at the table of contents of the product so you'll see if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Siken Snack

If you're vegan and you thought that Siken didn't have a few bars proteícas that you could consume, so here is a product for you. These bars are fully suitable for consumption by vegetarians and people vegan. These in particular are designed to snack between meals. Nor are they a substitute.

I must say that out of all the bars Siken they are the most sought after for its incredible flavor. They are currently available in two flavors: nuts, almonds and cocoa nuts and dried fruits, cashew nuts, and blueberries.

These bars, in particular, have in their formula with high-quality proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Bars 100% vegetable

Siken with your line Siken Diet proposes bars protéicas one hundred percent vegetables and so stick around to tell you more. The bars of this line are free of gluten, lactose and aspartame. Are available in packages of 4 bars each.

They come available in two flavors: cocoa and chia, and cocoa, and lemon. They are designed to eat between meals and snacks rich. In addition to these bars Siken also has other products that are suitable for people vegan and vegetarian, so that nothing preventing them from doing a diet that is high in protein and low in calories.

What do you recommend?

As you can see there is a bar exactly designed to please you you and your lifestyle. But you should take into account the following tips for you to make a responsible use of the same. You what we have here:

  • If you are under 18 years of age, it is not recommended that you consume these bars Siken, more than anything because the children under that age are usually in periods of growth and therefore in need of food that will help you to meet an effective way of these goals.
  • Before you start to consume these bars, we recommend that you check with your doctor, your nutritionist or with your pharmacist in confidence.
  • Remember to store these bars in a cool place free from direct sunlight, as that could compromise with these conditions, the properties of these products.
  • For the properties of these sticks can take to best effect, we recommend that add-ins use with other products Siken and in addition with other necessary nutrients.
  • Always take plenty of water. We recommend you drink about two liters of water daily. You are or not using these sticks, the water will never make you bad.

Many of these bars are the requirements to comply with the method of food Siken Dietline. These bars are designed to form part of some of the elements of certain phases of the diet plans. If you already follow the diet you should get several bars that you can fulfill these requirements.

There is a bar designed especially for your style of life you Already found her?