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Shunga Cream Dragon Enhancement Erection Strawberry Mint


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  • Sexual stimulant.
  • Contains natural products.
  • Stimulates arousal.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to move.
  • Free of parabens.

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What is Shunga Cream Dragon Enhancement Erection Strawberry Mint?

Shunga Cream Dragon Enhancement Erection Strawberries Mint is a cream created to ensure virility male during sex, is ideal for use in solo or couples who want to revive the fire of passion through sexual intercourse, more durable.

Includes a formula that is absolutely compatible with the latex, and, in turn, provides a lubricant effect that can be applied to any type of skin and consequently, provides a very enjoyable experience and long-lasting.

In addition, you will experience sensations of warmth-coldness in his member for a long time what that would generate greater satisfaction to the partner and personal satisfaction, because it was designed for men of different ages.

Shunga Crema Dragon Potenciadora Ereccion Fresas Menta

What are the advantages includes Cream Dragon Enhancement Erection Strawberry Mint?

The stimulating cream is ideal for ensuring the orgasm in solo or partner, providing a variety of sensations and maintaining the erection for a longer time; therefore, invite you to the discovery of the sexuality staff.

This popular cream favors the strengthening of the erection of the man, thanks to its formulation that includes natural components, and that are healthy for the body.

With its use leads to an impressive result that it increases significantly the power and the strength of the erection, with the aim of improving the sex session of making it more exciting and wild.

The performance and the feeling of pleasure that originate with the use of this cream generates, as a result, increase the sensitivity and the natural ease of feel excellent orgasms.

What Characteristics Make Up Shunga Cream Dragon Enhancement Erection Strawberry Mint?

Shunga Cream Dragon Enhancement Erection Strawberry Mint enhances and intensifies the male pleasure and provides a natural lubrication so that it encourages multiple orgasms, while increasing significantly the sexual desire.

  • Enhances masturbation.
  • More enjoyment with your partner.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • Its operation is very simple.
  • For its size it is very discreet and easy to store.
  • Promotes confidence and self-esteem.
  • It is pleasant to the taste, smell, and touch.
  • Low risk of allergies.
  • The Aroma and flavor of strawberries with mint.
  • Improves the power.
  • The net content is 60 ml.

How does it work Shunga Cream Dragon Enhancement Erection Strawberry Mint?

Its components originate a new experience of seduction and creativity in the reinforcement of the senses thanks to its texture that is quite pleasant to the skin and its application to spare the penis and genitals.

Originates multiple outcomes that are perceived in quickly and have a duration of slightly more than 45 minutes. In addition, it can be used with latex condoms without any risk; while its flavor of strawberries and mint originate as a result a feeling of pleasure.

Includes a formula quite unique, as it contains plants and natural extracts, which give rise to ex-excellent results in the men from the first application, doing that gave you all the strength and energy of the male organ.

At the same time that favors during the contact, the rise of the feminine sensibility originating as a consequence, more intense orgasms, and multiple.

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