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The Sex Toys are also known as adult toys are those objects that people use in order to increase the pleasure during sex or during masturbation, while some of these toys have been made with some function of medical origin.

There are some that produce great benefits when they are suffering from sexual dysfunction; therefore, there are different types of sex toys, and are used by people for a number of reasons.

The use of these objects is as normal as it is not to use it, because it arises from the result of a personal decision, and not all people are equal, it is important to use sex safely if you build damage.

Why people use sex toys?

Any person can decide how and when you use sex toys, as there are those in this kind of products makes it easier to reach orgasm, those who employ to facilitate the masturbation, or to share the sexual moment with the couple.

There are transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming, that the use of any type of sex toy they can collaborate with the affirmation of their gender identity, or decrease the gender dysphoria.

Other people that have some type of disability or mobility issue limited use sex toys to assist in the masturbation, to have sex for some sexual activities or positions that would be quite difficult or impossible otherwise.

Some sex toys are used as a treatment before the symptoms of a variety of malfunctions such as, erectile dysfunction, disorder of arousal, genital, the disorder of desire hypoactive sexual, and orgasmic dysfunction.

While other people can handle the sexual side effects of some medications, health problems, or of the menopause, like for example if you have a low sex drive or less sensation in the genitals in either the penis or in the vagina.

 What types of sex toys are there?

There is a large amount of Sex Toys very different, among the most common are:

Vibrators or massagers sex

They are objects that vibrate with the purpose to stimulate the genitals, commonly used to stimulate the clitoris and other parts of the vulva and vagina, but can also stimulate the penis, the scrotum and testicles.

Dildos or dildos

They are objects that are incorporated into the vagina, the anus, or the mouth, there are various shapes and sizes, but usually they have a similar form to the penis, in some cases, have a little curve to collaborate with the stimulation of the G-spot or prostate.

Anal toys

It is made specifically for the stimulation and/or to be inserted in the anus, in this classification are the plugs, anal beads or anal balls, massagers and prostate dildos with a wider base.

Sleeves of masturbation

Are tubes soft where it is incorporated into the penis, so that there is a large variety of shapes and sizes, as well as the textures in-house to provide a greater sense, including the ones that vibrate and suck.

Similarly, there are massagers that are made specifically for the clitoris of greater size or a penis smaller, between those who are intersex people or trans men who are on hormone therapy for the affirmation of gender.

Rings for the penis

These rings are placed around the scrotum and/or penis, causing the circulation of the blood to be more leisurely when the penis is erect, leading to a higher sense, or that the penis will get harder and the erection lasts for an extended period of time.

Some rings may include vibrators small to promote the stimulation of the person wearing it or the couple. Although we do not recommend its use for more than 10 to 30 minutes because that slows down the circulation of the blood.

Chinese balls

They are objects with round shapes or spheres balls that are inserted into the vagina, have the purpose of collaborating with the toning and strengthening of the pelvic muscles, or pelvic floor.

They are usually heavy and required to contract the vagina to hold them inside the body, as some are hollow and have smaller balls inside that move when you perform daily activities, leading to a feeling of movement inside.

How to choose the sex toys?

There is a large amount of sex toys and various ways to use them, that there can be difficulty to choose from, so it's a great way to learn them and which is adapted to the needs of each person can be to go to a sex shop and ask the staff.

Another way is to experiment with some to call him the attention and generate their own conclusions, although it may be that the test does not generate any pleasure and decided that the use of sex toys is not positive and there is no problem in it.

How can you use sex toys safely?

When using the Sex Toys can be transmitted sexually transmitted diseases, or STDS if these are shared with other people, since the use of body fluids adhere to the toy in and can transfer the infection to the next person to use.

  • For this reason it is recommended to perform the hygiene of sex toys with water and a mild soap after use, and before they come in contact with the genitals of another person.
  • They can place a condom, with the goal that you keep it clean and to avoid transmission of STDS, making sure to replace the condom before use by any other person.
  • If you are using the toy in the anus, it is recommended to use lots of lubricant, as this area of the body is not wet naturally and can be painful, uncomfortable, and even unsafe to put something into the anus without use lubricant.
  • Should never be used in the vagina, a toy that has been in the anus without prior perform a hygiene intense or replace the condom, as germs of the anus can cause vaginitis.

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