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Sesderma Azelac

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Sesderma Azelac is a line despigmentante that has emerged with the aim of combating the spots on the skin which have been brought about by sun exposure, pregnancy, or the use of medications photosensitizing as oral contraceptives or antibiotics, among others.

These products have been tested dermatologically verifying that collaborate with the decrease of the intensity and the size of the spots, while achieving the prevention of the same.

This excellent line of products includes several presentations, among which are the serum liposomal and the fluid light that are the most requested, thanks to that generate the greatest care and a more effective treatment of the skin is impaired.

Sesderma Azelac

Benefits of Sesderma Azelac

Sesderma Azelac is a treatment despigmentante that operates directly on the source of the liver spots, achieving a uniform skin tone of the face.

These wonderful products include active liposomados that act directly on the root of the patches, achieving this way to clarify and reduce the intensity, in order to avoid the appearance of sun spots, blemishes during pregnancy, freckles, etc

The spots appear as a result of an excess production of melanin, which is caused by the sun exposure, so that the Sesderma Azelac Purchase helps eliminate and prevent the occurrence of the same.

These cosmetic products can be used on all skin types, including those with skin phototypes high, since that is used for the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation posinflamatorias.

In addition, it can be used throughout the year, especially in the summer season during the nights, since that is the only treatment that can be applied mezcado with other depigmentation treatments like chemical peels, laser or IPL.

  • Serum liposomado AZELAC RU: it is an intensive treatment that can be used throughout the year, as it can be applied in the morning and in the evening.

  • AZELAC RU Fluid Light SPF50: generates multiple benefits for their assets and skin lightening, and includes a high sun protection factor, have a smooth texture suitable for all skin types and can be usadoo after serum AZELAC RU.

  • AZELAC RU Gel Cream: this is a night treatment to be very effective, with a strong booster with active liposomados that diminish spots, and they even out the skin tone, reduce the signs of photoaging and wrinkles.

Active ingredients of Sesderma Azelac

Sesderma Azelac is a great treatment despigmentante that is responsible for treating and preventing stains on the skin that have been generated by the excess production of melanin.

As a result of the use of the nanotegnología, this line of products helps move the active encapsulated or liposomes to the deeper layers of the skin, with the aim to clarify the different spots throughout the year including the summer season.

The mix of assets that includes overrides the synthesis of melanin, so it is reuce the dark color of the stains and avoid them. In addition, you have qualities and anti-inflammatory antioxidants, with a selective action on the melanocyte.

All compounds have are formulated in liposomes, by what they have volume nanometer that are equal to the cell membranes and improves its tolerance.

  • Azelaic acid: a compound with effect despigmentante, seborregulador, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps to block the activity of tyrosinase and regulates the hyperactivity of the melanocyte.

  • 4-Butilresorcinol: it is a despigmentante blocker of tyrosinase which is a compound that is included in the manufacture of melanin.

  • Undecineloil phenylalanine: when mixed with Niacinamide has a strong action despigmentante.

  • Ascorbyl glucoside: it is the most constant of the vitamin C.

  • Acid glicirricinico: brings a great effect despigmentante.

  • Retinol: helps to prevent the signs of the eenvejecimiento, is a cellular regenerator, reactive turnover of keratinocytes and regulates the hyperactivity of the melanocyte.

Results Sesderma Azelac

It is recommended Sesderma Azelac Buy products that help the pigmentations are clear and slow, which is why this line has been formulated with a new formula that includes tranexamic acid TRX Booster System.

These products include various assets liposomados with action despigmentante, and antioxidants that block the generation of the melanin, making clear blemishes, reduce its size and to generate a tone is unified in a skin that looks brighter.

Sesderma Azelac is suitable for being used in all types of skin and thanks to its active ingredients can be used throughout the year, so the mix of active ingredients of Azelac RU produces three major effects on the skin:

  • Clarifies: manages to prevent and reduce the generation of melanin in a more efficient manner.

  • Reduces: prevents the spread of melanin, thus eliminating the excess in the face.

  • Prevents: smooths the appearance of spots on the skin.

Includes excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that benefit the skin preventing aging.

Indications of Sesderma Azelac

These products have a wonderful Sesderma Azelac Price for that in this way you can perform the entire routine with this line and helps to treat the spots which have been brought about by the exposure to the sun.

The first step is to perform the hygiene of the skin and arrange for applying the product, it is recommended to use a cleaner that is especially suitable for skins that have stains or absence of light.

The second step will be to apply AZELAC RU Serum Liposomado, which is a product despigmentante to the patches of skin that have been brought about by the excess of melanin.

Among its assets are included compounds such as azelaic Acid, 4-Butilresorcinol and the novel tranexamic Acid, are encapsulated in liposomes to provide a deeper penetration into the skin.

Applying only 4 drops of the serum on your hand and then massage over areas previously to the usual treatment.

As a third step it is recommended the use of AZELAC RU Fluid Light SPF50, which is a creme despigmentante with photoprotection developed especially for use during the day with SPF 50, filters, physical and chemicals that protect from UV damage from the sun.