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Sesderma Acglicolic Liposomal Serum 30 ml


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Acglicolic Liposomal Serum 30 ml Sesderma a serum very easy to apply since with 4 drops on the fingertips and a gentle massage you can feel the benefits of glycolic on your skin. Valid for all skin types that makes you can buy sesderma at the best price online from online pharmacy. It is ideal as a base treatment for any skin type.

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Sesderma Acglicolic Liposomal Serum 30 ml it is a product made to work as an excellent regenerator and illuminator, being able to use it on all skin types from normal to the most sensitive ensuring that it will not generate any type of reaction.

This serum can be applied to people who want to achieve skin remodeling and in turn restore the natural radiance to the face, but this product offers this result immediately.

This product in its formula contains liposomal glycolic acid with which an optimal regeneration, hydration and recovery of the skin is achieved, making it essential as a base treatment.  

Why buy Sesderma Acglicolic Liposomal Serum 30 ml at farmacia Market?

Sesderma Acglicolic Liposomal Serum 30 ml it contains glycolic acid which comes from sugar cane, this being an alpha-hydroxy acid that offers:

  • Antioxidant properties: because of the liposome ergothionein and vitamin C and E.
  • Regenerative properties: They are due to the stem cells found in the Eryngium Maritimun.
  • Moisturizing or soothing properties: these properties are offered by boswellic acid, being accompanied by hyaluronic acid and soy essence. 

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Sesderman is a line of different products that have a tendency in the use of glycolic acid and due to this they have managed to enhance it and make the most of it extracting all its benefits with the best tolerance.

It has an incorporation at a superficial level and in the inner layers manages to provide an improvement in the renewal of cells, offering protection and delay in the appearance of the signs of premature aging in the skin.

It is a basic method that has the function of coping with aging that different skin types may have, since it smoothes wrinkles and expression lines.

In skins that may suffer from spots or marks, in addition to alterations in the tone of the dermis, it certifies an unparalleled recovery in record time.

It offers hydration to the skin that needs it most, even if they are dry or oily, so the result offered is optimal regardless of the type of dermis you have, it also creates a protective film of the area involved with which the reappearance of dehydration is prevented.

This cream can be used by gentlemen to avoid and treat the condition of beard folliculitis. It is a benefit to use this treatment to eliminate sagging and sagging, working in turn as an antiaging pluss.

It should be used on young and mature skin, as long as it is necessary to offer illumination, hydration and tissue regeneration.

How to Use Sesderma Acglicolic Liposomal Serum 30 ml

Sesderma Acglicolic Liposomal Serum 30 ml it is a treatment that is designed to be applied to the skin with light massages or touches that offer excellent absorption of the product.

It is recommended that this serum be applied to the skin both day and night and that way it offers better results.