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Do you feel the skin of your face dull and tired? Do you notice that your moisturizer is not enough to combat wrinkles and expression lines? Are you looking for an effective treatment for diffuse spots?

You need to find the serum that's perfect for you. Your master formula, where there is a high concentration of active ingredients with a high penetration ability, it works like a real elixir of youth that power the power of the moisturizing cream. The serum does not replace the creamis a powerful add-in.

In fact, you should always apply before your usual cream: for their concentration of active ingredients, makes the effect of this will be much faster. There is a serum specific for each type of skin.

What do you need? Extra moisturizing, regenerating, despigmentante, nourishing, smoothing... Find the one that best suits you. I. Buy your non-online farmaciamarket is easy and savings insured, buy promotion price in your pharmacy online.

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