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In recent years, we have really aware of our vulnerability. The world came to us to demonstrate how vulnerable we are to what happens to us. In addition to that, the pace of life that proposes modern life is nothing condescending to our peace of mind, on the contrary, every day, the world demands more of us, and that doesn't make us good.

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  • Serenia Stress Calm 30 Tablets Serenia Stress Calm 30 Tablets
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    Serenia Stress Calm 30 Tablets

    Serenia Stress Calm 30 Tablets

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  • Serenia 30 capsulas Serenia 30 capsulas
    Serenia 30 capsules

    Promotes relaxation. Decreases the states of nervous. Improving the reconciliation of the dream. Promotes quality of sleep. Generates a calming effect. It decreases the tension and stress.

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  • Serenia 30 capsulas+ 30 Capsulas Duplo Promocion Serenia 30 capsulas+ 30 Capsulas Duplo Promocion
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    Serenia Duplo Promotion

    Includes extracts of plants. Presentation duplo. Relax in situations of nervousness. Improves sleep. Does not cause addiction. It has No side effects.

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  • Serenia 60 capsulas Serenia 60 capsulas
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    Serenia 60 capsules

    Promotes relaxation in situations of nervousness. Improves the conciliation and quality of sleep. Its formula contains natural plants. Presentation of 60 capsules. Improves the well-being during the day. Generates an output complementary and synergistic.

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Then results in cycles of discomfort that don't allow us to unfold fully. Excessive stress affects our nervous system and often prevents us from rest and sleep to repair, among other things, our brain.

Many people tend to turn to drugs that promise that quickly will help you perceive a calm, when in most cases they do is worsen the box creating dependency. That is why today we want to dedicate this article to Serenia Bayer, a snap-completely natural that will help with these problems.

What is it for exactly Serenia Bayer?

Serenia Bayer is designed to relax to the people in the united of nerves and also fostering the reconciliation and quality of sleep. With its composition only natural elements, this product has almost no risk and has many benefits, among which are the following:

  • It can be consumed in the hours of the day to relax the nervous system, and help you when there is presence of distress or anxiety in specific cases.

  • At the time of sleep helps us to fall asleep in a natural way. As many of us know the hour of sleep is essential for the body because it is the opportunity which has to be repaired and restored, at the neurological level and at other levels, including the digestive tract. Naturally, our body is designed to be able to rest 8 hours and repaired, and in this way help to prevent the oxidative stress that is the cause of aging. That is why when a person does not rest we can notice aging on their face and usually this person is showing signs of poor concentration and a lot of irritability.

Serenia labs Bayer's going to help you to deal with all these problems. And you will be able to find in Serenia Bayer unbeatable price with good quality feature-price.

Ingredienes and composition

Serenia Bayer is composed of three natural ingredients such as valerian, california poppy and passionflower. Then we'll tell you how to act all these ingredients in your body:

  • Valerian: valerian in this case to comply with a soothing action, relaxant and induces sleep. It is a sedative agent natural, commonly used in therapies with natural ingredients to get to sleep. In this occasion it is of acids antioxidants from its root. The acid valeranico specifically the amount of GABA in the body. GABA is a major neurotransmitter that helps inhibit the nervous system. Also valerian contains hesperidin and linarina, antioxidants that help prevent oxidative stress and cell aging.

  • California poppy: it has a wide power sedative and hypnotic, which helps to relax more quickly. In this case they are also used for this preparation, the roots of these flowers.

  • Passion flower: This flower has been used since ancient times as relaxing, even used it for this purpose, the Aztecs and the Incas. Combat the anxiety and stress. It is a native plant of Mexico. Its composition contains flavonoids and alkaloids, which are those that have anxiolytic properties and sedation.

It is important to stand out that these three ingredients work together in synergy, achieving promoting each one its effect. The Bayer managed to have a formula that can act quickly and optimal levels of relaxation.

Mode of employment

Serenia Bayer can be used by adults and by children over 12 years. As it says in its packaging, can be used both day and night, depending on the case. Will depend on the degree of nervousness in the individual. However, in general terms, it is used in the following manner:

  • Day: 1 or 2 tablets twice a day. The amount of tablets if it is one or two, depends on the level of anxiety or distress in the person.

  • Night: take 2 tablets, 1 hour before bedtime.


There are a number of recommendations that should be taken into account when taking this product. However, we will tell you that because it is a product with natural ingredients, there are no warnings too great for their consumption. You have to take into account:

  • Do not exceed the suggested dose in this article, and in case you do it by accident, especially in the case of children, see a doctor immediately.

  • Remember that the consumption of this product should be accompanied by a healthy diet and healthy at the same time the intake of lots of water, it is recommended to always, always, of 1.5 to 2 liters of water.

  • This product is contraindicated in pregnant women and breast-feeding women.

  • It is contraindicated in people intolerant to lactose.

  • Remember before you decide to consume this product, check with your doctor or pharmacist of confidence.

Serenity at your fingertips

We know it can be frustrating to deal with sleep problems and disturbances constantly in our nerves, especially because a lot of times these problems bring us to more serious problems. On the other hand we have that many of those who suffer from these problems are afraid to resort to drugs common to not create a dependence to the drug. So in no way manage to provide you with the solution to these problems.

For those people is designed Serenia, for you have at your fingertips the serenity and peace that you deserve to succeed as a fish in the water for the rest of your days. In the case of children who tend to be very nervous, and emotionally dependent, this product helps effectively, just remember to consult with your doctor before taking any of your medications.

Serenia Bayer is available in two presentations, a box of 60 tablets and a presentation of 30 tablets. Both with the same composition, the only variant is the quantity of tablets that you bring.

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