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  • Rhinomer 2 Mean Force 180 ml
    Rhinomer 2 Mean Force 180 ml

    Rhinomer Force 2 XL 180 ml format promotional medium strength ideal for children, adults who do not like so much the strength of three, and looking for something a bit more soft. A sea water force intermediate to unclog and clean the nose by drag without the need of chemicals and synthetics. 100 % natural and packaging savings with more water gift.

    8,95 € -12.8378% 7,80 €
  • Hypnos Sponge Active
    Hypnos Sponge Active

    Sponge Active Hypnos, relaxes you trasladandote to far-off places exotic and new sensations with a perfect balance and harmony, combining espiuma hidrofila with a surface scrub.

    3,50 € -28.3737% 2,50 €
  • Hypnos Sponge Sense grey Hypnos Sponge Sense grey
    Product available with different options
    Hypnos Sponge Sense

    Sponge Hypnos Sense, ideal to exfoliate the skin naturally, you get an effect peeling arrastando impurities from your skin, provides bathing, exfoliating and relaxing and giving a feeling of relaxation. Available in 4 colors

    2,50 €
  • Nexcare Coldhot Maxi
    Nexcare Coldhot Maxi

    Nexcare Coldhot Maxi, Bag for reuse with therapy, hot and cold, both to freeze as for microwave. Measures 19.5 cm x 30 cm

    14,99 €
  • Acofar Mini Kit Acofar Mini Kit
    Out of stock
    Acofar Mini Kit

    Acofar Mini Kit is a kit that is extremely compact and full-ideal for small wounds and as a kit for the practice of outdoor sports.

    3,08 €
  • Nexcare coldhot Teddy
    Out of stock
    Nexcare coldhot Teddy

    Nexcare Coldhot Hot Water bottle Teddy, suitable for babies, infants and children, the system cold hot allows both to be used as a bag, hot bag for cold, take care of your baby and gives it the heat or cold that requires you to be in each moment, with the form of a teddy bear is ideal for use in infants.

    12,95 €
  • Talc Ausonia 500 g
    Out of stock
    Talc Ausonia 500 g

    Talc Ausonia 500 grams , the talc always for the care and prevention of irritation of the diaper, with god most high power drying to prevent redness of the skin in urine, take care of your baby thanks to the talc ausonia. To use at every diaper change and prevent discomfort in the child.

    6,10 €
  • Hansaplast Patch small heat
    Out of stock
    Hansaplast Patch small heat

    Hansaplast Patch small heat provides heat gradually to your body. it is ideal for application on a daily or weekly relief.

    6,95 €
  • Lima Carton of Colors
    Out of stock
    Lima Carton of Colors

    Limes colors to maintain a level of hygiene and nail to keep them fine from the first day.

    1,80 €
  • Clamp plucking colors
    Out of stock
    Clamp plucking colors

    Tweezers in colors with the flat tip and wrapped individually.

    3,94 €
  • Nexcare Coldhot Comfort
    Out of stock
    Nexcare Coldhot Comfort

    Nexcare Coldhot Comfort, bag reusable hot/ cold relieves pain naturally, this made of a Gel-free and safe components included. Measures 11 cm x 26 cm with pillowcase fabric for your application.

    8,50 €
  • Sinomarin Kids Spray Soft 100 ml
    Out of stock
    Sinomarin Kids Spray Soft 100 ml

    Sinomarin Kids Spray Soft 100 ml spray soft to nose cleaning for baby and child. Nasal decongestant natural. Solucion Hipertonica for children from 6 months. Relieves nasal congestion, cleans and moisturizes.

    8,95 € -26.3514% 6,59 €
  • Rhinomer 3 Strong Force 180 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer 3 Strong Force 180 ml

    Rhinomer Force 3 XL 180 ml sea-water des congestive for adults only valid for nose cleaning at any time, easy and simple to use because you just need to put the mouthpiece and press on the nostril for by drag and thanks to the difference of tone and sea salt clears quickly the nose at the best price of the pack promotional.

    8,95 € -12.8378% 7,80 €
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