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Seid Lab

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  • Seidivid 30 Sachets
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    Seidivid 30 Sachets

    Seidivid is the dietary supplement for women of childbearing age that contributes to the success of fertilization through the strengthening of the quality of the oocyte. It acts as a regulator of the reproductive capacity of the woman who seeks to be a mother.Dosage 2 Sachets per Day

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  • Seidivid Plus 15 Envelopes
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    Seidivid Plus 15 Envelopes

    Seidivid Plus 15 Envelopes with myo inositol is perfect to complete the diet and get immediate results. Are 15 sachets of 4.2 grams to take one a day, recommended by specialists is perfect to take it with a glass of 150 ml and shake. Complement your diet and are perfect to prepare you to be able to have a fertilization the best and most complete in vitamins.

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