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the Care of your feet is guaranteed thanks to the cream moisturizing and recuperadoras of the feet of this laboratory with great history.

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For 100 years, Dr. Scholl has been responsible for significant progress, innovations and inventions in the area of health, comfort and well-being of the feet.

The story of William M. Scholl begins in a small shoe store in Chicago specializing in orthopedic shoes, and comfort. The year was 1899, and, with seventeen, the young William M. Scholl began what would become the research for the improvement of the health and comfort of the people through their feet, which would last his entire life.

William still was a medical student when he made his first invention - the "Footeazer" or template rests-feet, a product designed to correct malformations in the arch of the foot. In 1904, at the age of 22, and soon after his studies, set up his own business and launched the manufacture of the "Footeazer", which became one of the product lines of most successful in the field of the care of the feet.

William joined forces with his brother Frank J. Scholl, and continued his career with the creation of a line of pads and therapeutic remedies that eventually came to cover the whole spectrum of common problems of feet.

In the years 20 William M. Scholl designed a range of anatomic shoes promoted by the Service of a Demonstration of the Comfort of the Feet. With the arrival of the 30's, the company saw an opportunity to expand your range, extending it with specialized products in the comfort of the legs. He then began to market a line of compression stockings to alleviate the problems caused by swollen ankles and varicose veins.

However, it was in the 60's when there was the launch of one of the most remarkable and that would transform the image of the brand: the sandals anatomical Scholl (Scholl Exercise Sandal), known simply as "Scholls" by the public and that graced the feet of stars such as Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton throughout the decade of the 60's and 70's.

In 1968, the Dr. William M. Scholl died at the age of 86, but his vision and expertise in the field of the health and comfort of the feet, as well as their understanding of the rhythm of life and the problems of consumers continued to be the reason of your brand.

In 2004 the School celebrated its centenary with the introduction of its range of new generation products pointers, a brand identity and updated a few packages renewed.

Today, over 100 years after the foundation of the company, Dr. Scholl remains synonymous with health and comfort of the feet in more than 70 countries around the world, and remains just as passionate and true to the original philosophy of improving the health, comfort and well-being of the people through their feet.

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