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Scholl Party Feet Heel Protector 1 Pair


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  • With GelActiv Technology.
  • Includes transparent gel.
  • It's ultra-thin.
  • It contains a discreet design.
  • Non-slip technology.
  • Presentation of a pair.

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What is Scholl Party Feet Heel Protector 1 Pair?

Scholl Party Feet Heel Protector 1 Pair it is a template designed to protect the heel area, so it can be fixed in the shoe to provide greater protection against aggression usually originated in this area.

It includes in its structure a quite effective adhesive that prevents it from moving and is perfect to be placed in footwear that has thick seams or that disturbs the heel area.

With its use the rubbing of shoes is prevented, which are usually unpleasant and often cause injuries, so this protector against rubbing provides superior comfort before the use of any shoe, avoiding discomfort.

What benefits does the use of Scholl Party Feet Heel Protector 1 Pair bring?

It is a template developed to reduce friction caused by shoes in the heel area, which are quite uncomfortable and cause the often appearance of wounds, especially if they are new and have a very delicate skin.

This product for heels is suitable to provide superior care against these frictions, since it should only be fixed to the shoe to avoid aggression in the heel area and its effective adhesive prevents it from moving.

It can be used in those shoes that have thick seams or that bother regularly, providing superior comfort as it prevents friction and discomfort as it has its non-slip technology

It can be used in most women's shoes as it adapts in the best way and has been designed with a structure that includes a transparent gel, thin and with a reserved design that is easily preserved in the shoe.

What are the Features Scholl Party Feet Protector Heel 1 Pair?

These protective insoles have been developed to be used every day since they have Scholl gelactiv technology that generates superior protection to the feet, to improve the comfort of day to day.

  • Protects the heel against rubbing caused by different types of shoes.
  • Prevents slipping, so it is kept in one place without moving.
  • It is suitable for different models of women's shoes.
  • It adapts in a more comfortable way to any footwear.
  • It is transparent, thin and with a discreet design.
  • They should be changed every 6 months or at the first signs of wear and tear.
  • It can be used every day.
  • Easily cushions shocks.
  • They are reusable and can be washed quite simply.
  • They're self-adhesive.

For whom is the Scholl Party Feet Heel Protector 1 Pair indicated?

Scholl Party Feet Heel Protector 1 Pair it has been developed by all those people who want to avoid the chafing that usually feel on the heel and that are produced by the use of a certain type of shoe.

It can be used by men and women since its model adapts to any type of shoes and most women's shoes.

Composition of Scholl Party Feet Heel Protector 1 Pair

GelActiv technology.

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