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Satisfyer is a leading brand in the area of sexual well-being, since their optimal products attract the attention of a large number of people, thanks to made sex toys at a great price satisfayer.

We give great importance to the development of the entire range of products, at the same time that they performed numerous evaluations with the purpose of knowing actually how to locate the supplier of orgasms perfect in the right hands.

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Their products benefit all those people who carry their sexuality with total confidence, that they are observers and are open to new experiences, while enjoying your love life.

This brand is aimed at men, women, singles, couples, gay, straight, young people, old people, because no matter the condition of the person, but rather to encourage the preferences and needs of each after you buy satisfayer.

Have developed a fairly wide range of products, among which are more than hundred types of sex toys and that they will add many more to promote the requirements of sexual of all genres.

What is Satisfyer?

It is a brand that produces sex toys with an innovative design, impressive and timeless, because they include formats such beautiful and anatomical directed to all those people who live sexuality openly and without problems.

Includes in its production technology, Air Press, which favors the decision of every woman whether you want an orgasm, and how you, as the toy generated in the clitoral pressure wave intensities and varied levels that you can adapt to every taste.

In the same way the brand satisfyer fashion, has developed toys personal to foster the love life of modern man, as it has been directed to meet the requirements of a male.

Among the products for men are the masturbators of high technology, with a distinctive design that includes a heat engine that mimics the body's temperature, causing vibrations and providing excellent sensations in the sexual act.

 What are the materials used to produce the products Satisfyer?

In general, it employs a silicone-hypoallergenic with a medical grade ABS plastic and, with the purpose of triggering a product with a beautiful design and suits to every person without generating any type of side reaction.

What does waterproof IPX7?

When it is said that a product is waterproof according to IPX7 means that it can sink up to 1 meter below the water level, during an approximate 30 minutes without generating any kind of deterioration in the product.

If you display on the packaging of any product satisfyer fashion code IPX7 can have the assurance that you can get wet and can be used in a tub, always following the recommendations of not pushing it to more than a meter deep,

What are noisy products Satisfyer?

The products of this prestigious brand, which include a technology that has a silent mode which causes the engine of each product to produce a buzzing sound quite soft and not a motion that generates a lot of noise.

It is important to mention that it can completely eliminate the sound of the articles that include the motor, but if placed in the correct position, you can considerably reduce the noise generated.

what type of toys has developed the brand Satisfyer?

It is of great importance to know the different devices that exist with the purpose of knowing what is required or what you would like each person to be able to buy satisfayer, so this brand includes in its catalog the following products:

  • Dildos: favor the exercise of the penetration, and can be used by all genders and types of partner, that have been developed in different shapes and sizes for all tastes.

  • Vibrators and massagers: favor the stimulation of the erogenous zones for both men and women to achieve orgasm, have presented bullets and eggs vibrators that cause a vibration that goes beyond the erogenous zones.

  • Chinese balls: improve the strength of the pelvic floor and increase the feelings of pleasure, there are the traditional steel and silicone, and are there with a remote control to make them vibrate.

  • Masturbators male: bring pleasure through the technology, since they originate sensations of penetration or oral sex.

  • Rings: they are directed to the male organ, although its use originates pleasure to the partner as a result of a stronger erection and clitoral stimulation.

  • Anal toys: generate excellent results in that area that includes a large number of nerve endings, and is where you will find the G-spot of men.

  • Articles bondage: addressed to the couples most daring who want to expand their sexual horizons and include games and stories in bed with the submission and domination agreed.

  • Sucking clitoris: these products have improved the pleasure that favor the scope of the female orgasm.

What is Satisfyer Connect?

It is an application that promotes the connectivity of the toys Satisfyer free of charge via Bluetooth, originating as a result the communication and interaction via the internet in exchange for an exciting feature of live streaming.

This application has been designed using an intuitive control that does not generate distraction to the user what he is doing, whether that includes a touch control sensitive enough that it helps to generate new rhythms and patterns of vibration finely nuanced.

These patterns can be added to those already existing, as it is application is available for Apple, Android, tablets and watches, Apple, and receive monthly updates and an offer of permanent new features

The application Satisfyer Connect is directed to a new stage of self-determination and sexual progress, since it includes a great number of functions, such as scheduling touch, motion sensors, and the control that supports multiple toys.

Its interactive platform causes the distance is not a barrier to generate the sexual well-being that binds to the privacy, technology and innovation.

The main objective of the brand is to preserve the market leadership of the sexual well-being leading to the relentless expansion of the catalog of products, while they were in line with technological innovations to enrich the love life of the customers.

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