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Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator


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  • Greater flexibility.
  • Made with Hydro-Active.
  • No lubricant required.
  • Realistic feel.
  • Sliding effect.
  • It brings greater pleasure.

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What is Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator?

Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator it is a sex toy made with a fairly flexible material known as Hydro-Active and that makes its use easier, so it does not require lubricant during handling.

For its use you only need to apply a reduced dose of water to generate a more realistic feeling, while its composition makes it slide easily and provides a greater feeling of pleasure.

Its design is so flexible that it can cover the entire penis and has a texture inside that generates superior stimulation, can be used alone for masturbation or in company turning it and increased the pleasure of the couple.

What are the Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator benefits?

For the man the use of this egg masturbator provides a lot of benefits, since it provides an improvement in relaxation and helps to feel better orgasms, can be used alone or with the partner.

With its use an improvement in orgasms is generated, since it can be obtained more or less duration according to the use that is given to this male erotic toy, since it favors the knowledge of those erogenous zones that were not known.

It can be used for the realization of games in the couple, in order to collaborate against the routine and favor communication with the couple about sex, increasing sexual libido and resistance at the time of reaching orgasm.

Among its many benefits is the contribution of an improvement in the control of excitement and at the time of reaching orgasm, preventing you from reaching orgasm prematurely, providing an improvement in enjoyment.

In addition, numerous doctors and sexologists recommend the use of masturbator eggs in order to avoid premature ejaculation in men and generate an improvement in sexual relations with the partner.

What are the features of Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator?

These eggs masturbators have been made by the Satisfyer brand, with a more elastic material such as Hydro-Active that does not require the use of lubricant, since I only need a little water.

  • It creates a totally realistic feeling.
  • It generates an improvement in pleasure.
  • Features a superior glide.
  • It includes inside a texture that generates greater stimulation.
  • It stretches and can cover the entire length of the member.
  • It can be used to improve erection.
  • Promotes awareness.
  • Collaborate with the discovery of multiple sensations.

Who is Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator aimed at?

Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator it has been designed to be used alone and as a couple, so it can be used by men who require self-knowledge and who need to increase their enjoyment.

In addition, it can be used in couples to generate an improvement in their intimacy and communication during sexual relations, managing to strengthen the personal relationship.

Composition of Satisfyer Savage Egg Masturbator

TPE Hydro-Active.

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