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Satisfyer Pro 2 - Edition 2020


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  • Patented technology.
  • Focused on the clitoris.
  • Silent motor.
  • Soft silicone.
  • Improves mood.
  • Waterproof finish.

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What is the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Plus 2020 Edition?

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Plus Edition 2020 it is a classic but elegant sucker that offers an innovative technology that is patented by Air-Pulse, which causes the excitation of the clitoris until the authentic pleasure is reached.

Made with a silent motor and a very soft silicone head, the Pro 2 exerts an ideal suction until reaching the peak of your desire, since it stimulates the clitoris using intense pressure waves without exerting direct contact.

It is made with supersoft medical level silicone, very pleasant to the skin, soft to the touch and extremely hygienic, it includes a waterproof finish making it a toy that can be used safely in water.

In addition, it is very easy to clean so it can be used several times, while taking care of intimate hygiene.

What are the Main features of the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Plus 2020 Edition clit sucker?

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Plus Edition 2020 it offers multiple orgasms due to its non-contact clitoral stimulator technology, as it offers expansive waves and pulsations, which generate suction mixed with vibration to provide an incredible result.

  • It is known as the latest version of the Satisfyer Pro 2.
  • It is excellent as it provides vibration.
  • The specialist in the production of intense orgasms.
  • Stimulates the clitoris without direct contact, using shock waves.
  • Ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the hand.
  • It combines suction with strong vibrations.
  • 11 suction intensities.
  • 10 vibration intensity.
  • Quieter than the previous version.
  • Fully submersible, providing a distinct underwater effect.

With what materials is the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Plus Edition 2020 made?

Satisfyer Pro 2+ Plus Edition 2020 it has been made using hypoallergenic silicone, which is located in the interchangeable head that is ergonomically attached and manages to surround the clitoris as gently and accurately as possible.

The head can be removed in order to favor the cleaning thereof, in order to thus provide pleasure with the assurance that a hygienic product is being used.

This product is equipped with integrated accumulators so that it can be easily recharged. The attached USB magnetic cable can be completed by using a usual 5V plug.

How to use the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Plus 2020 Edition clit sucker?

The activation of this great toy is achieved by pressing the button with the ON / OFF symbol for about 2 or 3 seconds, after turning on the toy will start with the suction at the lowest intensity.

To increase the intensity, the same button must be pressed dry as many times as you consider necessary and if you want less suction intensity, you must press the opposite button.

If you want to start the combined vibration experimentation you must press the bottom button and as in the suction the vibration will start generating an extreme sensation.

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