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Satisfyer Naughty Egg Masturbator


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  • Increases male pleasure.
  • It has a discreet design.
  • It favors masturbation.
  • It generates incomparable sensations.
  • Erotic toy.
  • It works as a therapeutic tool.

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What is Satisfyer Naughty Egg Masturbator?

Satisfyer Naughty Egg Masturbator it is an erotic toy that can also be used as a therapeutic tool to treat cases in which there are some disorders, such as premature ejaculation.

With its use you can collaborate with the practice, improvement of concentration and sexual performance, since it has all the benefits presented by Satisfyer products, this time favoring male pleasure.

It has a discreet and sober design, which provides an improvement in the sexual experience since it can be used alone for masturbation or in company, favoring the performance of oral, anal or vaginal sex.

What benefits generates the use of Satisfyer Naughty Egg Masturbator?

This egg is made in order to collaborate with male masturbation, since it has a discreet egg shape and has been made using a fairly flexible and soft material known as Hydro-Active TPE.

This erotic toy includes inside a series of textures that generate sensations similar to penetration and its internal forms generate an increase in the stimulation of the nerve endings of the penis.

It can be used in company or alone, in order to increase the sensations during masturbation or in sexual relations.

For its preparation has been used Hydro-Active TPE, which is a plastic that has the qualities of plastic and rubber, providing superior softness during sexual stimulation.

It is recommended that each egg be used only once, because if total hygiene is not carried out and preserved properly they can obtain and develop pathogens that can cause infections.

What are the features of Satisfyer Naughty Egg Masturbator?

It has been made with a fairly flexible material that is known as Hydro-Active TPE, in order not to require the use of a lubricant, since it only requires wetting with a little water to generate greater slippery and natural sensations.

  • It can be used in the bathtub or in the shower as it is waterproof.
  • Due to its Hydro-Active TPE content it is more slippery and flexible.
  • It generates great benefits in beginners of masturbation.
  • It has an innovative technology that provides greater stimulation to the penis.
  • It will stretch to cover the length of the male member.
  • Naughty model.
  • Presentation of a single egg.

How does Satisfyer Naughty Egg Masturbator work?

Naughty Egg Masturbator it is an erotic toy that has been made thinking of male sexual enjoyment, so it can be enjoyed alone or in couple, since it includes textures inside that provide multiple sensations.

It has a presentation similar to the shape of a chicken egg, where a silicone capsule is extracted that resembles the design of a condom and fits perfectly to the penis.

Its placement is very simple, while its use is done in a fairly clean and hygienic way, and should be placed as a glove on the penis and perform masturbation, its different textures will bring greater pleasure.

Composition of Satisfyer Naughty Egg Masturbator

TPE Hydro-Active.

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