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Sanutri baby milk baby at the best cheap price to buy in pharmacy and non-pharmaceutical chemist's, natur 1 2 3 as well as ar and digest complement the diet of your baby at the best price online offer to buy in farmaciamarket.

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  • sanutri velactin growth 800 grams
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    Sanutri Velactin Soybean Growth 800g

    Sanutri Velactin Soy with Calcium Growth 800 grams , it is the formula of laboratories sanutri sinproteinas lacteas, lactose-free and no animal fats, formula 100 % vegetable, fortified with calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and fatty acids, 13 vitamins and inositol. DOES NOT CONTAIN LACTOSE.

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Sanutri offer

Our story began a long time ago, like any other family. Got its start in Switzerland in the year 1930 and the hand of Dr. Warner, a person very concerned about the feeding of babies and children. The first milk of the late 50's, had as their sole purpose to feed the baby with something that could be tolerated and supported by your stomach just released.

Velactín, developed in 1968, was the first infant formula designed to nourish children with allergy or intolerance to the proteins of cow's milk or lactose intolerance. It was a milk-based, soy proteins as an alternative to the cow.

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In the 70's, a group of medical experts in nutrition, created the ESPGAN (European Society of pediatric Gastroenterology, hepatology and Nutrition), and began to define how they had to be the baby milk. It served as a guideline to many governments to legislate in this regard.

Sanutri Milks

In 1984 we were pioneers in the incorporation of Taurine as well as in the incorporation of Selenium and Chromium, micronutrients essential in the nutrition of the baby

In 1985 we launched the first protein hydrolysate designed and manufactured exclusively in our country with the brand Damira, and in 1991, we were the first to incorporate DHA into our formulas to start. Many of these innovations were incorporated later to the Spanish Legislation, on the part of health authorities.

We keep living our principles to keep studying, researching and innovating.

We have created a new concept: The breast milk as an aid to the development of multiple features of the baby. The result of all this has been the launch of the range Natur: Natur Inmunity, Natur 1, Natur 2 and Natur 3 in the year 2001.

In the range Natur we have incorporated the latest advances recognized in childhood nutrition. It is the only milk that goes beyond the mere adaptation to protein, via ?-lactalbumin, a protein very low in cow's milk, but the most abundant in breast milk. It has built-in Lactoferrin, a protein of defence majority in breast milk and helps protect the baby while it does not develop its own defensive system.

We have continued to innovate and launching products to the market, as Damira 2000, Damira Atopy and Lactodamira 2000, Velactín Growth as a formula 100% vegetable for the growth phase and the range of milks indicated to treat pathologies mild constipation Sanutri AE, colic Sanutri AC and regurgitation Sanutri AR.

We have also expanded our product range, launching in the market, the range of Porridge Sanutri (with gluten-free and gluten-free) that guarantee the absence of milk proteins, lactose and egg.

Sanutri is a company of feeding a child, created in 1930 in Switzerland, by dr. Warner and his team of researchers and nutritionists. Is included in Nutrition & Santé, group, european market of specialized feed.

Initially, the company was called WANDER (last name of the doctor, chosen for its similarity of sound with the English word to designate “wonder”) and its flagship product was the infant milk. Not in vain, your milk Lactoveguva was the first infant milk imported in our country. Such was his success that by 1960 the company founded its first factory in Spain, specifically in a town of Barcelona, making porridges child nutrition Nutriceral and Lacticeral. Another star product (to 1968) to be the milk infant soy for children with intolerance or allergies to lactose, call Velactín.

Attracted by its commercial success, the swiss company SANDOZ buy WANDER, going on to call it SANDOZ. The new injection financial boost and expand the catalog of children's products to be manufactured, which will cover different types of baby milk to porridge of grains, as well as food supplements with nutritional carefully selected to promote growth.

In 1985, will produce the first product of hydrolyzed protein for children that are manufactured in Spain, the milk Damira, incorporated in 1991 DHA to their formulas milk home. In 2001, would provide a new leap trading various maternal milk with different properties and formulations in their line Natur.

Finally, the company SANDOZ merged with CIBA creating the NOVARTIS company. At this time, there will be SANUTRI, derived from SAndoz Nutrition.

As of 2006, the brand will be included within the powerful european group specialized feed NUTRITION & SANTÉ.

Among the products most demanded by the families of small consumers of Sanutri include baby food so effective and specific as the milk Sanutri Digest AC/AE specially designed to remedy problems of colic (AC = anticólicos) and constipation (AE, antiestreñimiento), for the stomach is more sensitive, especially suited to infants and up to six months (Sanutri Digest, 1), or more older (Sanutri Digest, 2), incorporating iron is microencapsulated to ensure a better absorption of this element so essential in the growth of every baby. Also enjoys high demand the milk Sanutri AR, antiregurgitaciones and the milk Sanutri Damira 2000, lactose-free.

For babies without these digestive problems, it is recommended that the milk Sanutri Natur 1 (up to 6 months) and Sanutri Natur 2 (from 6 months), with iron, calcium, protein and essential fatty acids that is easy to digest.

Between the delicious food Sanutri highlight the Slurry 8 Cereals with Honey (provides natural sugars, and a whole range of nutrients and minerals provided by the best honeys are selected), the Porridge Multigrain effect Bifidus and Porridge 8 Cereals with Waffle Mary, effect Bifidus. These last two porridges reinforce the intestinal flora of the small, to the time that brings all the flavor of your food favorites. Also available are other alternatives, such as Porridge Sanutri Cereals Start effect Bifidus Gluten-free, or the range of delicious Food Damira without allergens.

In short, buy Sanutri Infant Feeding is to opt for products of a leading brand of high-quality, at very affordable prices