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Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g


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Sanutri Velactin Soy with Calcium Growth 800 grams, is the formula of sanutri laboratories without dairy proteins, lactose-free and without animal fats, 100% vegetable formula, enriched with calcium, phosphorus, zinc and fatty acids, 13 vitamins and inositol. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN LACTOSE.

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What is Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g?

Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g it is a soy-based food supplement to help maintain the health and well-being of the person. It is especially suitable for children who need an extra supply of nutrients for optimal growth and development.

It is formulated with a mixture of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates, to contribute to the optimal development of children. The formulation also contains folic acid, iron and zinc to help prevent anemia and other conditions related to a lack of nutrients. It is free of gluten, lactose and sugar.

Benefits of Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g

Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g is a soy-based food supplement that contains a mixture of essential nutrients for healthy growth. It is specially formulated for children and adolescents of growing age. This nutrient mixture contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids essential for the development of children.

Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g offers several benefits for children. First, it provides key nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins A, C, D and E to help children grow and develop. These nutrients are essential for bone development, muscle growth, good cardiovascular health and a strong immune system.

In addition, Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g contains essential amino acids that help to develop a good memory, good brain function and good mental health. This helps children to perform better at school.

Why buy Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g?

Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g is a high-quality protein source, ideal for people looking to improve their health and well-being. This protein is an excellent source of essential amino acids for muscle development, recovery and muscle repair.

It also contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as essential fatty acids, which are necessary for maintaining good health. This protein is very easy to digest, making it a good choice for people with digestive problems. In addition, it is gluten and lactose free, making it ideal for those with food allergies or intolerances.

How to use Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g?

To use Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g, you must first mix 25 grams of powder with 200 ml of water until dissolved. Then, apply the mixture to the affected areas and leave on for 15 minutes. Then, rinse the area with plenty of water. It is recommended to perform the treatment for 3 consecutive days, to obtain better results.

Opinions about Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g

Most of them claim that it is a good quality food and that their pets enjoy it very much. Others emphasize that it is a good supplement to increase the energy of their pets, and they assure that they feel that their pets have more energy and are healthier.

There are also some pet owners who assure that the price of the product is quite affordable, and that it is worth the money. Overall, there are many positive reviews about Sanutri Velactin Soy Growth 800g and many pet owners recommend it as a good food for their pets.

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