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Sangenic has been born as a result of the need of the parents of a solution for the hygienic and comfortable with the use of great amount of diapers for the little ones of the house.

This is why Tommee Tippee has designed a line of containers for diapers, preventing the large amount of travel to the garbage, at the same time which causes unpleasant odors and germs are controlled.

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It is of great importance to mention that this line of products is backed by the confidence that provides the brand Tommee Tippee. This line includes two models the new Sangenic Twist-and-Click, and the classic version is the Sangenic Tec.

What is Sangenic Twist-and-Click?

Sangenic Twist-and-Click is a container quite original contains individually each diaper in a film, multi-layer with anti-bacterial effect, with the aim of reducing bad odors providing a more hygienic.

Prevents the need to take out the trash after a diaper change, which has the capacity of storing up to 30 dirty diapers and a cylinder included at the top that drives the diapers to the interior of the container so as not to dirty the hands.

Includes a flat cap that opens vertically, increasing its practicality and its size is reduced to be placed in any place. It has a minimalist design and is equipped with four shades to combine with the tonality of the baby's room.

With its use provides a greater protection against odor and germs, as each diaper, enclosed individually in a plastic film antibacterial that moves away from the 99 % of the harmful germs, such as bacteria E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Its design is sleek, compact and modern, so you can be placed at any place. In addition, it is respectful with the environment as each diaper is wrapped individually in the required amount of plastic film, without wasting material.

What is Sangenic Tec?

It is an innovative system that has been developed in order to assist with the disposal of diapers, while providing a greater antibacterial defense in the face of various germs and bad smells, as that seals individually each diaper in seconds.

This system is pretty simple to install, to use and, above all, empty, originating as a consequence a decrease in the time that is used for the diaper change and an increase in the time devoted to the baby.

This container for diapers Sangenic originates a simple solution, but at the same time elegant, to help keep the room more hygienic and odor free.

Each replacement may be used to discard up to 180 diapers, while the container can store up to 18 diapers and are produced in three different and beautiful colors that can be combined with the baby's room.

Their use produces a result more effective against odors and against germs bags for dirty diapers, providing more care for the baby.

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