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Saltratos is a brand developed by laboratorios Viñas is specially designed for the care and treatment of the feet and hands.

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  • Saltratos Balsamic Cream 100ml
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    Saltratos Balsamic Cream 100ml

    It is a product indicated for tired feet. In your formula is present in the extract of Harpago. It has actions invigorating and soothing. It is a cream that is absorbed quickly. Contains extracts of vegetables in your composition. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

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  • Saltratos Refreshing Gel Feet Reheated 50 ml
    Saltratos Refreshing Gel Feet Reheated 50 ml

    This product contains plant extracts. This gel has Sage extract. It is a formula that provides a pleasant sensation of freshness. Keep your feet relaxed throughout the day. Prevents the excessive sweating of the feet. It is of a soft texture and easy absorption.

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  • Saltratos Salts Relaxing Tired Feet 250g
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    Saltratos Salts Relaxing Tired Feet 250g

    It is a product for the relaxation of tired feet. In its composition contains trace elements and minerals of marine origin The extract of lavender that contains gives soothing properties. It is formulated to eliminate the rough edges of the feet. It is a product that is easy to apply. Among its components is the tocopherol.

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  • Saltratos Piedra Pomez
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    Saltratos Piedra Pomez

    Saltratos Piedra Pomez

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  • Saltratos Balsamic Cream Tired Feet 50 ml
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    Saltratos Balsamic Cream Tired Feet 50 ml

    Saltratos Balsamic Cream Tired Feet 50 ml cream bracing for tired feet, take care and softens the feet aching with tiredness. It is a perfect cream to massage and does not stain and is absorbed very fast. With extract of devil's claw is a natural anti-inflammatory for the feet. After you wash and dry them off with just a gentle massage with cream to have...

    8,00 € -25.5673% 5,95 €

This brand is operating for a little over a century, and with all that time, have been perfecting their formulas and their ways of dealing with feet and hands are tired.

For nobody is a secret that in the feet rests the whole weight of our body, day after day, and they are an essential part of our body to move and support us. Sometimes we forget, and don't provide the attention and care they deserve. The brand Saltratos knows this and is here to help us pay attention and take care of our feet.

So if you have tired feet for long periods of time standing, do long time exercise, among other situations, the brand Saltratos have available to you a product that suits exactly what you need. That is why throughout this article we will tell you which are the products offered by this brand, how you help and where to find them.

Feet reheated

Surely you have a job or some daily activity where you have to remain standing for a long time. In Saltratos know what is the feeling that this leaves and want to relieve them effectively. That's why they have created their range to feet reheated. The sensasión after a long time of standing is that the feet are to us hot, and we have the tendency to falling asleep.

For these cases Saltratos has their own formula in the form of a gel that comforts your feet with an application that generates freshness and rolled back the heat. All products in this range contain extracts of Sage, which tends to reverse the state of continuous sweating in the feet which makes it feel a hot sensation and unpleasant.

With regard to the application of these products it is recommended to do so daily after an exhaustive day, with the feet clean and dry, massaging along the entire foot while applying these products.

Start the massage from the toes of the feet, and continue to the ankles.

Tired feet

You may have been standing, or standing a long time and stores to suffer from fatigue in the feet, for these cases is the range for Tired Feet offered by the brand Saltratos.

The range of Tired Feet Saltratos offers multiple products to address this problem, among which are salts, piedras pómez, Cream of balsamic and salts relaxing. Below we will tell you of each of these products separately:

  • Salts Relaxing: there Are few people that don't love a relaxing bath after a busy day, now imagine that this is what you do only to your feet, your attention focused on that. In this opportunity it is a bathroom invigorating and comforting to the feet with trace elements and minerals that inject energy and re-mineralize. In addition it has ingredients that help to reduce the hardness of the feet. It is very useful to accompany this treatment with the pumice of this same brand.

  • Cream of balsamic: in this case, it is an toner in the form of a cream, which has the effect of relaxing and invigorating. Ideal for tired feet from standing a long time or have travelled a lot during the day. This product contains extract of Harpago. It is easily absorbed and is recommended to be used after a bath with the feet dry and clean.

  • Pumice: this product is indicated for use after a bath with the feet dry but with the hardships wet. It has two faces with two types of hardness that help to remove the impurities in a very effective way to reaching prevent calluses.

Products antisudoración

The Saltratos products are available for the control of excessive sweating of the feet, which is the main reason for triggering the bad odor. To have our shoes on all day while we present excessive sweating throughout the day, can lead to an unpleasant odor once we take off shoes in our home.

For these cases, Saltratos has available two products, a powder deodorant for daily application in shoes and feet, absorbing excess sweating, and then the bad smell. This product is an extract of thyme.

This deodorant comes in a Spray, and is designed for people with a lot of sweating in the feet, but do not like the version of dust for any reason, valid for all. It is for this reason that Saltratos account with a product that is specially adapted to the needs of each person.

Recommendations and frequently asked questions

Among the recommendations that we can make it according to the questions that clients have with respect to the use of these products, we have the following:

  • First of all and before the use of these products, you should take into account a good hygiene of the feet, which includes, but is not to be barefoot in public places, not wearing shoes outside, after washing to dry the feet, especially on the part between your toes, that is where it tends to accumulate moisture and, therefore, the fungi.

  • Before using this type products, it is recommended to consult your doctor, dermatologist, and give you the green light to use these products.

  • Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients contained in these products.

  • Before using these products, you must ensure not to submit any other condition such as fungi, among others.

Where to buy the products of Saltratos?

The products of Saltratos most of it can be found in our web is , even in many other countries. You can find them in your establishment or your pharmacy you trust. If you do not see it at first glance, you can ask your pharmacist.You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.