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Saltratos Piedra Pomez


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  • Better absorption of liquids
  • Increases durability
  • Easy to install

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What is Saltratos Piedra Pomez?

Saltratos Piedra Pomez it is a type of soil formed by the process of natural erosion from limestone. It is formed mainly from the decomposition of limestone, which is a mineral-rich material. This stone is found in the soils of arid and semi-arid regions of Latin America, such as Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

It is an acidic soil with a low pH. This means that it contains relatively low amounts of nutrients essential for plant growth. Due to its acidic characteristic, the soil is not suitable for the growth of many plants. However, there are some plants, such as grass, that adapt well to these conditions.

Benefits of Saltratos Piedra Pomez

  1. Better liquid absorption: Pumice stone saltrate is a natural stone with a high liquid absorption capacity. This means that once it is applied, moisture is quickly absorbed, which reduces the risk of liquid storage on the surface
  2. Increases Durability: Pumice saltrate is a durable and weather-resistant stone, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This means that it can be used on surfaces such as floors, ceilings, walls, patios and gardens
  3. Easy to install: Pumice saltrate is available in the form of bricks, blocks and tiles, which makes it easy to install by a professional or by an experienced amateur. This means that no special tools or equipment are required to install it

Why buy Saltratos Piedra Pomez?

They are an excellent option for exfoliating the skin, as they are much gentler than other exfoliants. This stone is very effective in removing dead skin cells, which contributes to improving the texture and lightening the appearance of the skin. In addition, Pomegranate Stone Saltrates have a gentle effect on the skin, so they do not irritate or dry the skin, which makes them perfect for all skin types. They also help to improve blood circulation, which contributes to better skin health in the long term.

How to use Saltratos Piedra Pomez?

To use this product, you simply need to apply a thin layer of Saltratos Piedra Pomez on the surface to be treated. Make sure the surface is dry and free of residue before applying. Wear protective gloves and a mask to avoid inhaling the powders.

Apply with a damp sponge and with the right grain for the surface. Use a circular motion to apply an even layer of Pomegranate Stone Saltrates. Let the layer dry for a few hours before wiping it off with a damp cloth. Then, clean the surface with a liquid detergent.

Opinions about Saltratos Piedra Pomez

Users generally think very positively about the saltratos Pumice Stone. Many highlight its unique taste and aroma, in addition to its high mineral content. Many people say that saltratos Pumice is their favorite salt for cooking, as it adds a special touch to dishes. Many also highlight its fine texture and smooth consistency, which makes it an ideal salt to use as a seasoning. In general, the saltratos Pumice Stone is very well regarded by users.

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