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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly

One of the things that we can say about the nature, without any doubt, is that it is completely wise. Their processes are slow but inevitably effective.

We're aware that if this is to treat an illness in a very aggressive and lethal, the more conscious it is any drug used chemical equally aggressive. However, in a higher percentage of our ailments can be appeased by the wisdom of nature.

Between the supranutrientes that nature gives us in order to placate a great number of ailments, you will find this sustancía that lately it is very named: the royal jelly. Then you will know all you need about this substance, including all the benefits it brings to the body.

Origins and history of Royal Jelly

Before anything else you need to know that Royal Jelly is a substance produced by glands of worker bees to feed the first few days of the larvae of the workers and for the life of the queen bee. This substance is what gives the queen bee's longevity that feature.

This substance is deposited by the worker bees in so-called royal cells and where do you find these larvae.

Then, since there are bees existed Royal Jelly. But when it was discovered by humanity? And When it began to be studied in a scientific way?

In the year 1933, Dr. F. Bergius was commissioned to do a comprehensive analysis and scientific about this substance, which ultimately abandoned because it was felt that this substance was very complex. However, this doctor then tested the Royal Jelly in your own body with your intake and noticed great results.

However, it was not until after a long time the Royal Jelly is popularizo because it worked to light a news that Pope Pius XII took this for a few days and its experience during this same time a lot of vitality and energy.

What is the composition of Royal Jelly?

The Royal Jelly is the food most pure produced by nature and do not need digestion, as it is absorbed directly by the blood. If we talk about its composition, we can rate the following:

  • It is composed of 60% water.
  • A 13% protein.
  • 5% of fatty acids and essential amino acids.
  • 13% carbohydrate.
  • Also contains fructose and lactose.
  • Contains vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B5, B6, B8, and folic acid.
  • Contains Iron, Sodium, Calcium, and magnesium.

Food against the fatigue and apathy

In the present days, especially in the case of city life, we are immersed in a pace of life is stressful enough, both mental and physical. It is for this reason that you need a plus of energy, and as we said before, if it is natural, much better.

It is there when the Royal Jelly can help you without being invasive, since this substance is proven that provides energy and improves the boxes of fatigue, among other things, this superfood increases the oxygenation of the brain.

To live in constant tension, and stress can debilitate us and exhausting us in such a way that physically we get older. This substance also helps the frames of physical aging.

That is why it is very advisable to also your intake in people who dedicate themselves to the sport or elderly people. This does not mean that other groups of people don't go to also generate benefits in your body.

A nutrient to counteract and prevent diseases

The royal Jelly is an excellent adjuvant in the development of our immune system or immune system. Have an immune system is strengthened, it will help our body to defend against diseases of viral and infectious.

On the other hand, if we already have the presence of a disease of viral, this substance can help us overcome it without major problems and preventing it from spreading in our body in a negative way.

How to take Royal Jelly?

Although this is a nutrient with a great number of benefits, it is important not to abuse it. In our pharmacy you can find it in ampoules or capsules with a daily dose suggested.

Must be taken in moderate way, from 100 to 500mg daily. If you consume more than this suggested dose daily, you can produce headaches and increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and nausea.

Administer this substance way too long can also cause discomfort.

It is also important to avoid consumption in people with Addison's disease.

Suggestions of products based on Royal Jelly

In our fármacia you can find the products developed on the basis of Royal Jelly that are tailored specifically to your lifestyle or requirements. For example, if you are diabetic and can't eat sugars, we have a product-based Royal Jelly without sugar specially designed for these cases.

Among the products you can find at our pharmacy are:

  • Black Bee Royal Jelly Multivitamins Without Sugars: in this case it is 20 vials made from Royal Jelly, 12 vitamins, and Ashwagandha. Particularly this product is designed for people with diabetes who want to bring a plus of energy to your day-to-day, improving your physical condition, and having the tools to live the routines of the day with fullness and energy.
  • Black Bee Royal Jelly Kids Equinaccia 20 blisters: this product is about 20 vials as a food supplement for children older than three years. This plug-in is designed to help your children tackle the day-to-day enhancing your immune system and helping them to tackle or prevent viral diseases.
  • Black Bee Royal Jelly Energy Guarana 20 blisters: it is a food supplement in the form of blisters to dilute in water-based royal jelly, guarana, taurine, maca and vitamins that will help you to your physical and mental health.
  • Black Bee Royal Jelly Immuno + Reishi: This food supplement in the form of blisters combines the benefits of Royal jelly, propolis, reishi, and 4 vitamins with echinacea to strengthen the immune system.