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  • Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Emulsion 30 ml
    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Emulsion 30 ml

    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Emulsion 30 ml a great formula designed for daily use in front of skins with a tendency to redness or sensitive, with a factor 30 carry something for protection on a daily basis and so you can combat the feeling of itching, stinging or burning with an emulsion of warranty. Care of the sensitive skin and prone to rosacea.

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  • Rosaliac Ar Intense 40 ml + Micellar Water 50ml La roche Posay Rosaliac Ar Intense 40 ml + Micellar Water 50ml La roche Posay
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    Rosaliac Ar Intense 40 ml + Micellar Water 50ml La roche...

    Rosaliac Ar Intense 40 ml + Micellar Water 50ml La roche Posay They reduce local redness, thereby helping to prevent its appearance. Its formula allows the most sensitive, fragile, brittle and prone to hoppy faces with intense redness to use it to relieve burning and discomfort that occur on the skin. Gift Micellar Water 50ml

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  • Rosacure Ultra Spf50 Cream 30ml
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    Rosacure Ultra Spf50 Cream 30ml

    Emulsion texture. Provides sun protection Suitable for sensitive skin. Provides skin tolerance. Prevents irritation. Reduces redness.

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  • Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Golden Brown 30 ml
    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Color Golden Brown 30 ml

    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Golden Brown 30 ml of an emulsion with color something tanning and sun protection 30 besides being a cream very suitable for the sensitive skin or cuperosis, Find a formula perfect for sensitive skin. Great offer price in promotion. Great texture of sun protection and skin care with cuperosis.

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  • Rosacure Combi 30 tablets
    Rosacure Combi 30 tablets

    Rosacure Combi 30 tablets is a food supplement that helps to maintain perfect your skin. with extract-based MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, and that comes made in 30 tablets modified release which ensure an absorption perfect. You can take up to 2 tablets a day. Combinalo with any cosmetic range rosacure to obtain comprehensive results.

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  • Rosacure Fast Gel Cream 30 ml
    Rosacure Fast Gel Cream 30 ml

    Rosacure Fast Gel Cream 30 ml cream of immediate effect for treatment of rosacea or cuperosis in his state of the outbreak, is soothing, and protective against the burning sensation and itching end of the skin. Combinalo with any prodcuto of the range of rosacure thought for skins with cuperosis. Specially formulated for sensitive skin or prone to rosacea.

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  • Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Clear Light 30 ml
    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Light Color Light 30 ml

    Rosacure Intensive Spf 30 Clear Light 30 ml emulsion colored light Shade for treatment of sensitive skin with cuperosis, or the tendency to rosace. Thanks to its Spf30 sunscreen iras protected, with some color without burning or stinging, once the testing is perfect for your use. You can find all the products in the range of Rosacure

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  • Lierac Rosilogie Cream Neutralizing 40 ml
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    Lierac Rosilogie Cream Neutralizing 40 ml

    Lierac Rosilogie Cream Neutralizing 40 ml is indicated for patients who have skin that is reactive due to external factors such as climatic variations or adaptation to cosmetics.

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  • Leti Sr 60 Capsules
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    Leti Sr 60 Capsules

    Leti Sr 60 Capsules

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  • Avene Antirojeces Forte Concentrate 30 ml
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    Avene Antirojeces Forte Concentrate 30 ml

    Avene Antirojeces Forte Concentrate 30 ml

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  • Avene Antirojeces Cream Spf30 40ml
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    Avene Antirojeces Cream Spf30 40ml

    Avene Antirojeces Cream Spf30 40ml

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  • Neostrata Retore Anti-aging Anti-redness Serum 29g + Heliocare 360 Age Active 15ml Neostrata Retore Anti-aging Anti-redness Serum 29g + Heliocare 360 Age Active 15ml
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    Neostrata Retore Anti-aging Anti-redness Serum 29g +...

    Neostrata Retore Anti-aging Anti-redness Serum 29g + Heliocare 360 Age Active 15ml

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  • Leti Sr Serum 30 ml + Micellar Water 500ml
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    Leti Sr Serum 30 ml + Micellar Water 500ml

    Anti-Redness Serum. Skin redensifier (anti-aging effect). Relieves the feeling of heat on the skin. Immediate freshness effect. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. Dermatologically tested in facial vascular post-laser. No parabens. Non-comedogenic.

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The Rosacea is a common condition that is generated in the skin that manages to enrojecerla and makes visible the blood vessels found in the skin, originating as a result of small red bumps that contain pus.

These symptoms occur and keeps for weeks, some even months and then disappear for a time, at the same time that can cause acne and other skin problems as well as the ruddiness natural.

This condition tends to affect any skin type, but it becomes more common in middle-aged women with fair skin and there is no definitive cure, but a treatment to control it and reduce its signs and symptoms.

What Are The Symptoms Of Rosacea?

The most common signs that originates in the Skin, Rosacea , which include the following:

  • Facial redness: this condition is achieved by generating the persistent redness in one part of the face, because the small blood vessels of the nose and cheeks swell and become visible.
  • Red, swollen bumps: the majority of people are likely to develop pimples on the face which have the appearance of acne. These bumps are often found to contain pus, becoming the complexion warm and tender.
  • Eye problems: the majority of people who suffer from it have the dry eyes, irritated or swollen, and the eyelids are noticed red and swollen, what is known as ocular rosacea.
  • Enlarged nose: with time, this condition tends to harden the skin of the nose making it appear bulbous and this happens more often in men than in women.

When it is recommended to consult with a doctor about your Rosacea?

If you notice the presence of a persistent redness in the face, it is best to consult a doctor or skin specialist, that is to say, a dermatologist to get a diagnosis and a Treatment Rosacea appropriate.

What Are The Causes?

It is unknown the cause that produces the Rosacea, but it could be due to a mix of factors, both hereditary and environmental, may ruled out a problem with hygiene.

Among the various factors in the outbreak found the hot drinks and spicy foods, red wine and other alcoholic beverages, the extreme temperatures, the light of the sun or the wind, some emotions and exercise.

In the same way also can affect Rosacea Face some medications that can dilate the blood vessels, including some blood pressure medicines, cosmetic products various.

Among the risk factors can be named, being a woman, to have clear skin, particularly if it has been damaged by the sun, have more than 30 years, smoking, a family history of rosacea and to some complications

How do You Treat Rosacea?

The Rosacea Treatment focuses on achieving the control of the symptoms, as in most of the cases it requires a combination of skin care and the intake of prescription drugs.

The duration of treatment will depend on the type and severity of the signs manifested, as well as the frequency of recurrence.

What Medications are Often Used for the treatment of Rosacea?

In the past few decades has created new treatments for the Skin, Rosacea , and the indications of these will depend on the result of the assessment carried out by the specialist. Among the prescription drugs for rosacea are the following:

  • Topical medications that reduce the redness: it is used for the type mild or moderate, is a prescription cream or gel that should be applied to the affected skin, achieving the reduction of redness, thereby narrowing the vessels.
  • Topical products with a reduced effect on the redness: typically result in control in the grains and produce their results in a remarkable way in a period of two to six weeks, you may even spend more time in improving the skin.
  • Oral antibiotics: these include oral antibiotics such as doxycycline for rosacea of moderate-to-severe with bumps and pimples.
  • Oral medication for acne: if your condition is severe and does not respond to other therapies, you can suggest the use of isotretinoin is a potent oral medication for acne that manages to eradicate the lesions acneicas.

What are the Therapies to Use if you Have Rosacea?

There is a variety of therapies that may offer an improvement in the decrease in the redness of the blood vessels, enlarged, so it is recommended that treatment is repeat regularly for the maintenance of the skin more healthy.

  • Eradication of Demodex: if you have co-infection of skin caused by the mite Demodex should be deleted with the aim of improving the disease, so that you can use a cream with anti-parasitic drugs, such as permethrin.
  • Laser: generates excellent results to treat telangiectasias and persistent redness, as it destroys the damaged structures of the skin and is quite effective, although it requires multiple sessions, and a maintenance of daily care.

What preventive measures before the Rosacea?

The Rosacea Face is not a disease that can be prevented, in the same way that it cannot be eliminated completely. Some of these measures to prevent outbreaks of rosacea are:

  • Identify triggers: there are various factors that collaborate with the manifestation of this disease, such as heat, physical exercise, drinking alcohol, eating spicy food or hot, sun exposure, among others.
  • Starting a treatment premature: there has to be stopped in its natural evolution that can be difficult to control it later, it is recommended to attend to the dermatologist, and once diagnosed understand the treatments to use when there are outbreaks.
  • Cutaneous hydration: apply moisturizers to the skin in the usual manner, to improve the perfection of the skin barrier and prevent the deterioration of the external aggressions.
  • Do not use products irritant: avoid acidic foods or with the effect of drying, as well as the products facial scrubs aggressive.
  • Use cream fotoprotectora: it is recommended that the photoresist that includes a factor of 50, which in turn protects the skin against UVA.
  • Use a suitable makeup: to hide the disease, there are makeups certain that cover the redness as a result of its greenish tones.
  • Use shampoos and soft gels: prevents the result from the irritation of frequent, especially in the eyes, that without quite sensitive to the shampoo.

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