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  • Roha Artichoke 20 Vials
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    Roha Artichoke 20 Vials

    Roha Artichoke 20 Vials vial pure artichoke perfect to take to any party because it helps in weight care weight as well as in the digestion of fats in the correct way. Great results thanks to this leaf extract alcachofera. Shake the vial and taken dissolved in a glass of water or a well in a bottle.

    18,00 € -22.4939% 13,95 €
  • Roha Alcachofera 60 capsules
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    Roha Alcachofera 60 capsules

    Roha Alcachofera 60 capsules 60 tablets that facilitate the digestion of fats at the base of artichoke leaf, With sugar containing 400 mg . The content is in the leaf extract of alcachofera close to a 46 % for tablets. Promotes digestion, especially by acting on the fat.

    10,00 € -20.132% 7,99 €
  • Roha max 130 g
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    Roha max 130 g

    Roha max 130 g is a natural blend of plants that can help you to maintain , contains: Sheets of Sen, with aromas of hibiscus, licorice and mint. Quality and warranty.

    7,95 €
  • Roha Max Curcuma Anis 90g
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    Roha Max Curcuma Anis 90g

    Roha Max Curcuma Anise 90g combines all the benefits of the sen of the composition of the roha max of all life but the benefits of turmeric and aniseed in front of the gas, and bloating.

    5,60 €
  • Roha Max 60 g
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    Roha Max 60 g

    Roha Max 60 g is a dietary supplement that is suggested to be used in regulating intestinal transit, as consequences of their ingredients from natural plants.

    4,25 €
  • Roha Max Chia Ispagula 65 g
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    Roha Max Chia Ispagula 65 g

    Roha Max Chia Ispagula 65 g of a composition with all the benefits of roha max enriched with chia and ipsagula that improve the regulation of traffic, the ipsagula are a few seeds that swell, increasing the volume by providing the stimuli of departure.

    5,60 €