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Ricola is fabicante swiss candy and pearls as well as for infusions, with more than 40 years of experience and from the 70's are manufacturers of pearls and candy ricola at the best price and promotion.

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Ricola is a range of products in the format of candies that have been made with ingredients very classic, which has an excellent taste and effectiveness that help clarify and soften the throat.

The products Ricola have many years in the market, and not only in Spain, if not that its success is split in different countries, it is considered that it is one of the manufacturers of candies more important in the world.

Currently, this company is exporting at least 40 different types of candy, herbal teas and quality, at an approximate number of 50 countries from different continents.

Ricola is a family business that was founded in 1930 by Emil Richterich, with its headquarters in Laufen near Basel, and later opened other branches in Italy, United Kingdom, Asia and the united States.

They feature a wide variety of products that have excellent quality, thanks to the fact that they are made with a great raw materials, on specific herbs that have been cultivated in the swiss mountains following meticulously the traditional patterns.

Tradition and innovation of Ricola

The recipe of the company Ricola is completely simple, since they are faithful to the structures and traditions that have given their positioning, however, is not abandoned the development and study of improvements in their products.

In the 80's was the birth of the company with the market launch of the sweets and tea without sugar, as well as aromas innovative, currently Ricola premiere, a segment of healthy products.

For Ricola, their distribution channels are traditional, they are that their raw material is extracted from switzerland and their products are made abroad. Currently, we opened a new center of production in the territory swiss and not abroad.

Another important point of this company is the packaging that depends on the scope and location, making the cut transport costs and customs duties, while decreasing the risks arising from exchange rates.

Formulation of the Products Ricola

Ricola contains different types of candy that are presented in a reduced size and easy-to-consume, so that the quantity of units produced is varied and will depend on the tastes and consumption habits of each market.

All these varieties products are adapted to the need of the customers in the best way, thanks to its super original format has been maintained since the inception of the brand, as well as their formulation.

This prestigious company has developed its products based on the blend of 13 natural herbs, which have been cultivated in the area of the mountains cantonese Switzerland and in its production, incorporates the saving of packaging material and, consequently, an increase in the sustainability of the same.

These products include powers balsamic particularly suitable for the throat, without sugar, with the aim of providing a natural care, comfortable and effective.

Reason of Popularity of Ricola.

The brand Ricola is excellent to promote the health of the throat and that causes a very pleasant way of taking care of it, because, if the cough appears, or you have discomfort or dryness, you can use the candy, pearls or tablets.

Its various products are very delicious and made with fresh ingredients, as they include different flavors so that when you go to consume can have variety in the choice, because they are available in different formats and flavors.

It is important to mention that it does not contain sugar, but if sweetener, so it provides a feeling of softness perfect for the throat, which is quite nice.

The brand offers various types of products, among which the consumer can choose the one that you like most; the most well-known are the pills for cough, that are a few jelly beans that are similar to the gums.

These products originate excellent benefits for the throat, alleviating the sufferings of the tos, as may be ingested whenever necessary, it does not matter if you are in a public place.

These pearls and candies can be so comfortably in your pocket, purse or backpack to be able to consume them in the time that is needed without the need of water or any other element leaving a good feeling after use.

Main flavors Ricola

A large part of the popularity of the products Ricola is reflected in the excellent feelings that it brings then be ingested by providing a sense of calm and smoothness, with a great flavor that leaves breath fresh and pleasant, between their flavors are:

  • Menthol, it is very refreshing because it originates from a broad action and provides the benefit of improving the breath.

  • Lemon balm and lemon, very pleasant and refreshing in that it includes the classic taste of the brand provides a variety of qualities that promote the health of the mouth and is the most popular of the range.

  • Eucalyptus, helps to decongest and generate relief both in the nose and in the throat, it is indicated for dry cough and nasal congestion managing to take care of in the best way.

  • Orange, classic, and soft; it is indicated for the lovers of the flavors of more traditional, in addition, provides a flavor and feel great in the mouth and in the throat.

  • Mint mountain, helps to enjoy a good taste in your mouth as it is very fresh and beautiful, managing to avoid the sensation of dryness in both the mouth and the throat.

  • Swiss herbs, the more traditional if you are passionate about the classic flavors.

  • Cranberry, fruity taste slightly acidic, it is very nice and brings benefits of the products of the line as a pleasant taste, soft and clean.

  • Strawberry, delicious to the palate bringing a breath nice, soft and fruity to be one of the most popular for consumers

  • Herbs and Caramel sugar free, and has a great soothing effect on the throat area, providing a pleasing effect of well-being during and after the consumption of the same, being essential to remove the sufferings of the cough.