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Ricola Duopack Lemon Candy Box Double


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  • It contains richechinacea, honey and lemon.
  • Includes a selection of Swiss herbs.
  • Provides a soft balsamic effect
  • Improves the freshness of the throat.
  • Includes lemon flavor.
  • Provides balsamic effect.

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What is Ricola Duo pack Caja Limon Caramelos Doble?

Ricola Duo pack Double Candy Lemon Box it is a duo of candies that does not include sugar and has a delicious lemon balm flavor, while including a selection of 13 herbs mixed with menthol to generate a refreshing sweet with a wonderful flavor.

For its elaboration, a selection of herbs originating from the Mediterranean are used, which have been selected for the optimal soothing effects they cause and why they have been cultivated in a biological way, without chemical phytosanitary, in the Swiss mountains.

It can be purchased at Offer in our parapharmacy in order to reduce the irritation that can be generated in our throat as a result of changes in temperature and season, while collaborating improving its hydration and well-being.

¿By What To Buy Ricola Duo pack Box Lemon Candy Double in Pharmacy Market?

This duo of balsamic candies has been specially formulated to collaborate with the care of your throat, causing a decrease in its pains and providing well-being, so you will feel that it generates a superior amount of saliva that favors the reduction of discomfort.

They have a wonderful lemon and lemon balm flavor, while providing optimal medicinal properties that have been traditionally used to originate a care and freshness superior to the throat, effectively collaborating in the fight against halitosis.

It is recommended the Purchase of these candies as they include an innovative blend of 13 Swiss herbs, which have been grown naturally and have a characteristic flavor, while causing a balsamic and refreshing effect on the throat and respiratory tract.

In addition, they contain vitamin C to generate better results in the care of the mouth and throat, while they do not include sugar, only sweeteners. They can be consumed by lactose intolerant people, celiacs and vegetarians, it does not generate negative results on the teeth.

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As a result of its duplo presentation you can purchase it at an excellent Price, since it is a fairly simple product to consume, it should only be placed in the mouth and suck the candy until it has completely dissolved, quickly causing a fresher breath.

These candies can be used for the purpose of clarifying the throat, while they can be used to soften the pain, improve the mucosa of the throat and respiratory tract, while they can reduce irritation and discomfort in this area.

Benefits of Ricola Duo pack Caja Limon Caramelos Doble

Ricola Duo pack Double Candy Lemon Box it is a pack of candies that have a delicious lemon flavor, while it has a selection of components that favors the segregation of a higher amount of saliva that favors the reduction of discomfort in the throat.

Composition of Ricola Duo pack Caja Limon Caramelos Doble

Isomaltose, acidulant (citric acid), vitamin C, extract (0.3%) of lemon balm and Ricola herbal blend, natural citrus aroma, sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K), natural mint aroma, menthol, coloring (beta-carotenes).

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