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Rhinomer a format of sea water in order to decongest your nose in pharmacy. The Best price offer already available rhinomer cheap. Find Rhinomer in price and rhinomer baby and baby cheap.

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  • Rhinomer Baby Fuerza Extra Suave 115 ml
    Rhinomer Baby Extra Strength Soft 115 ml

    Rhinomer Baby Extra Strength Soft 115 ml, valid from newborn, it is the first step of ocean waters for cleansing nose of the baby as well as keep your nose clear. Step zero in rhinomer, then also available rhinomer with more force.

    9,95 € -24.5742% 7,50 €
  • Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml
    Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml

    Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml it is an ideal sea water serum for nasal cleansing of the baby without having to use products with adverse effects, sea water for its tonicity produces a nasal cleansing and favors its decongestion.

    9,95 € -20.073% 7,95 €
  • Rhinomer Strength 2 Medium 135 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer Strength 2 Medium 135 ml

    Cleans effectively. It generates more natural care in the nostrils. Relieves nasal congestion. It has 2 medium strength. Suitable for adults and children from 2 years old. It contains sea water.

    9,95 € -20.073% 7,95 €
  • Rhinomer Baby Pads 20 Single Dose
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer Baby Pads 20 Single Dose

    Rhinomer Baby Pads 20 Unidosis a few practices bottles of serum, serum for cleaning the nostrils and nose of the baby. From newborn to and in combination with other products of rhinomer and narhinel are indispensable in the hygiene nose of your baby.

    5,95 € -22.7642% 4,60 €
  • Rhinomer Force 3 Strong 135 ml Rhinomer Force 3 Strong 135 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer Force 3 Strong 135 ml

    Rhinomer Force 3 it is ideal for adults since its composition of isotonic and sterile seawater makes nasal cleaning easier and prevents dryness due to allergic states or nasal congestion, natural cleaning without aggression.

    9,95 € -20.073% 7,95 €
  • Rhinomer 1 Gentle Force 180 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer 1 Gentle Force 180 ml

    Rhinomer Force 1 XL 180 ml a format-promotional the marine water baby and child more sold. Packaging promotional rhinomer to buy with 33 % more prodcuto. An easy solution for cleaning and nasal decongestant natural. Through the difference in tonicity of sea water is achieved decongest the nose in a natural way.

    8,95 € -12.8378% 7,80 €
  • Rhinomer 2 Mean Force 180 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer 2 Mean Force 180 ml

    Rhinomer Force 2 XL 180 ml format promotional medium strength ideal for children, adults who do not like so much the strength of three, and looking for something a bit more soft. A sea water force intermediate to unclog and clean the nose by drag without the need of chemicals and synthetics. 100 % natural and packaging savings with more water gift.

    8,95 € -12.8378% 7,80 €
  • Rhinomer 3 Strong Force 180 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer 3 Strong Force 180 ml

    Rhinomer Force 3 XL 180 ml sea-water des congestive for adults only valid for nose cleaning at any time, easy and simple to use because you just need to put the mouthpiece and press on the nostril for by drag and thanks to the difference of tone and sea salt clears quickly the nose at the best price of the pack promotional.

    8,95 € -12.8378% 7,80 €
  • Rhinomer Aloe Vera 100 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer Aloe Vera 100 ml

    Rhinomer Aloe Vera 100 ml a comprehensive care of the nose. Hydration and cleaning at the best price for adults and children over 2 years of age, Clean the nostrils, moisturizes the skin of the nose, avoiding the appearance of crusts and droughts which subsequently degenerate in cracks. A great price is rhinomer aloe vera on offer

    9,00 € -13.3065% 7,80 €
  • Rhinomer Baby Xl 135 ml
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer Baby Xl 135 ml

    Rhinomer Baby Xl 135 ml with extra strength soft is ideal for babies 0 to 1 year and start with the cleaning routine nasal daily that prevents dryness or possible future infections. Find all the variety of rhinomer baby at the best price online.

    7,95 €
  • Rhinomer Nasal Strips Classical Small-To Medium-Sized 30 Units Rhinomer Nasal Strips Classical Small-To Medium-Sized 30 Units
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer Nasal Strips Classical Small-To Medium-Sized 30...

    Are bands of adhesive material. Greatly improves the quality of the breathing. It does not contain any medication. It has a flexible design. Significantly reduces snoring. Used also in cases of nasal congestion.

    25,95 € -26.9803% 18,95 €
  • Rhinomer Nasal Strips Classical Large 30 Units Rhinomer Nasal Strips Classical Large 30 Units
    Out of stock
    Rhinomer Nasal Strips Classical Large 30 Units

    It is a band that acts as a dilator of the nostrils. Improves nasal congestion caused by colds and allergies. It helps the breathing of people with deviation of the nasal septum. It is for external use only. It does not contain any medication. There are strips reusable.

    25,95 € -26.9803% 18,95 €

As soon as they begin the cold and above we have the seasonal changes also come with them respiratory problems. This is, without a doubt, one of the most frequent reasons for consulting the specialists, especially in the smaller, often generate a lot more anxiety not to see them breathe with peace of mind. Asi offers farmaciamarket rhinomer at the best price online promotion for buy

If we ask for advice from our family, there will be grandma or grandpa that is not recommended to be done with a bottle of salt water with which to clean the nostrils, because it is said that there is no better remedy to have our naricillas free moquetes and viruses.

Obviously, not all the world is next to house a beach to go to, each time the snot visit us and have it more or less close, you probably have a lack of time, which is not surprising given the fast pace of life that leads to the current society.

Rhinomer, sea water

It is because of this that there are other solutions to our hand in pharmacies, parapharmacies and adequate facilities for the purpose. Rhinomer is a very well-known brand in the market that precisely works under that premise, sea water.

Rhinomer Price

Does the price of Rhinomer?

cheap if we take into account the advantages of the product and that this will save us a few trips to the beach, and visits to the doctor for not being able to breathe with ease. In our shop you can find products from 5 to 10 euros still a price this affordable to all pockets.

Now you have to decide on a product or another, an easy task if we consider that each is appropriate to the intensity of the respiratory problem, as well as the age of the patient to be treated.

Rhinomer baby

So, Rhinomer baby, has a composition more soft to be used in the smaller ones. Since babies do not know how to breathe through the mouth, there is nothing better to be done with a product of these features to ensure the rest of the small and dads.

Rhinomer baby not only cleans, it also hydrates the nose of the baby, during the first year of life, it is common that I have several episodes of colds.

Also, do not worry if you appreciate in your baby less desire to eat, as this tends to be common in those small with respiratory problems, so enlist the help of a leading brand as Rhinomer we bring peace of mind to parents.

Rhinomer 1, 2 and 3

There are also products Rhinomer 1, Rhinomer 2, Rhinomer 3. They all help to maintain a good state of hydration of the nose, removing the dust particles and helping the nasal mucosa is in favorable conditions to carry out their functions.

For a gentle cleansing of the nasal passages in adults and children from one year Rhinomer 1 is appropriate.

Rhinomer 2 does the same functions but is intended for children who already have 2 years of age. Rhinomer 3 allows you to remove even scabs, given the greater strength of the product.

If you're in this section of our store is because someone in your family or you are with respiratory difficulties, you've found the solution to your problem, Rhinomer is as the remedy of the grandmother of all we take in hand.

Considering all of the advantages of using the sprays of sea water, more and more people who do not hesitate and use it as a solution to the tedious snot that often arise in the worst moments.

You can find sprays adapted for both adults and for the children of the house (the main difference between them is usually the pressure at which it leaves the liquid, although some may also have differences between the ingredients).

Rhinomer is a brand specializing in this type of product, the most favorite. If you're thinking of buying one of these sprays, but you have not yet decided on any brand in particular, this can help.

How you can help Rhinomer to end up with slime?

Before anything else, it is important that we know exactly who are the boogers. In reality, we're talking about secretions that occur in the nasal mucosa due to a few cells that receive the name of goblet.

Did you know that the mucus is composed almost entirely of water, around 95%?

But, in addition, it also has the following compounds:

Mucins: The mucins are a type of proteins that precisely are responsible for the mucus to keep the viscosity is so characteristic.

Cells defensive: in general, tend to be Immunoglobulins SA.

Substances varied: in Addition, also often composed of other substances such as lactoferrin, lysozyme, interferon, who have the work to fulfill an antimicrobial function.

Although disturb us, runny nose met with a defensive function key in our body.

At the time that they reach the viruses which come from an infection, or from an allergen, you will discover that in the area of the nasal mucosa and increases the production of mucus and makes it in excess.

The problem of this, is that the natural mechanisms of the body should be entrusted with transporting them to the inside, but when you have both, you can't with everything. This will cause a runny nose overflow and end up falling down the inside wall of the nose.

Rhinomer is a type of spray that can help to maintain a clean nose, in addition to hydrated the nasal mucosa.

What is compound Rhinomer?

If we take a look at its composition, we will realize that Rhinomer is a type of sea water that is extracted directly from the area of Saint-Malo (France).

Of course, this water will be treated before it is converted into a product; the first thing you are going to do with it is to remove the excess salt, making it isotonic (in other words, it reduces the concentration of the salt to less than 1%.

Before analyzing the properties of this product, it is important to clarify a question that sure takes us around the head a long time.

Does the Rhinomer is not the same as the physiological serum? Yes and no. The main difference is that this product contains a long series of elements that are present in the sea water, as the minerals (calcium, potassium, sulfate, magnesium, etc.), as well as some essential trace elements.

What are the functions of the Rhinomer?

Hydration: One of the main functions of the Rhinomer, as we have said before, is to keep hydrated the nasal mucosa. And is that if there is dryness in the area, we might have problems of great importance.

Cleaning: Help with the cleaning of the nostrils. To do this it removes the dust, contaminants and allergens, as well as some harmful elements such as viruses and bacteria.

What helps to decongest the nose? Here is another confusion to clarify. Would it not help to descongestionarnos? Actually this is not the function, although you can use to get some relief. Experts recommend to use a better product if you just want to unblock the nose, as it may be sea water hypertonic.

Different types of Rhinomer

We can find up to 4 different formats of Rhinomer. What is certain is that the concentration and the ingredients of each one of them are identical. The only difference that exists is the force with which it will exit the water:

Force 1: Is suitable for children from one year, as well as for adults. The water will emerge from nebulized form, smooth; it is effective to clean the nostrils.

Force 2: Is an average power between the previous product, and we're going to see next. In addition to cleaning the nostrils, it helps wash away the mucus. It is recommended for children from 2 years, as well as for adults.

Force 3: Is the spray more powerful of the mark; the water will be thrown with an intense force. It is the ideal choice to clean the nasal passages thoroughly. It is also interesting for when you have crusts, helping to clean them. It is recommended for children who have already met 6 years old and for adults.

Rhinomer Baby: Finally, we have this kind of Rhinomer in which the water comes out with a minimal misting. On the other hand, it also has an applicator with a cap of security that will prevent damage to the baby's nose.

How should you use Rhinomer?

Finally, it is important to pay attention to how it should be used Rhinomer.

The first thing to do is to tilt your head to one side and use the spray in the nasal orifice higher. For example, we can tilt the head to the left, applying the spray into the nostril, right, or vice versa.

Then we reverse; that is to say, that if we have started to turn to the left, this time turn to the right.

On the regularity of use of the product, in principle, can be used several times a day, but not to overindulge (especially if we have scabs painful).

Grab the Rhinomer whose intensity is best suited to your situation and keep clean and moisturized the nose at all times, ideal for improving the health of your body.

Preguntas frecuentes de Rhinomer

Rhinomer es una marca de aguas de mar desarrollaba por laboratorio Glaxo. Una gran familia con diferentes intensidades cuyo objetivo es el cuidado de la nariz y despejar tú congestión y problemas que nos impida respirar.

Rhinomer es un agua de mar que podrás encontrar el mejor precio, tienes diferentes tipos de intensidades dependiendo de la edad desde intensidad de bebé hasta intensidad de adulto. Podrás encontrarlas al mejor precio para comprar online. Disponemos de gran variedad y servicio 24 horas.

Rhinomer es sencillo de usar.
El primer paso deberás de soñarte la nariz y despejar todos aquellos mocos que tengas.
Cómo segundo paso aplicar directamente sobre de nariz tapando el orificio donde no está el rhinomer.
Cómo tercer paso deberás combinar la aspiración con la pulsación del rhinomer.
Cuarto paso simplemente sonar la nariz para despejar el producto que quede de desecho.
Jacques agua de mar natural podrás repetir el proceso tantas veces como desees.

Rhinomer agua de mar es muy sencillo de aplicar ya que tiene un orificio que bastará con introducir sobre la nariz que tenemos congestionada. Al pulsarlo provocará la salida del agua de mar favoreciendo su despeje la respiración más limpia.