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Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml


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Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml it is an ideal sea water serum for nasal cleansing of the baby without having to use products with adverse effects, sea water for its tonicity produces a nasal cleansing and favors its decongestion.

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What is Rhinomer Fuerza 1 Suave 135 ml?

Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml it is a nebulizer specially designed for performing a docile but effective cleaning of the nasal passages, so it can be used in adults and children from 1 year thanks to its formulation contains sea water that comes out nebulized.

Its composition allows it to be used for the humidification of the nasal passages when there is nasal dryness, while it has been manufactured with a fairly original packaging, it does not include propellant gas or preservatives, favoring that seawater is preserved more sterile and natural.

It is recommended to Purchase in order to fight nasal congestion, since it favors the realization of daily hygiene of the nasal passages and keeps them at normal hydration levels, preventing any type of otolaryngological complication from originating.

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This product has been designed with the purpose of generating a fairly gentle cleaning of the nasal passages, but with excellent results since it preserves all the trace elements and minerals that are required to collaborate with the proper functioning of the nasal passages.

Its composition has been designed to take care of and preserve the hygiene of the nose, since it works as a protective filter preventing that when breathing we absorb a large amount of allergens, bacteria, viruses, smoke, among others, while preventing the appearance of nasal irritations.

It has a wonderful Price since it is a product formulated to avoid viruses that generate colds and prevents the development of more complicated processes such as allergies, sinusitis, etc., it can be used in babies and adults every day.

This nebulizer has a composition that includes sea water fuerza 1 to generate a nasal cleaning that collaborates with the care of the nose, helping it to perform its main function of natural filter eliminating impurities and preventing infections.

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Its excellent Offers will allow you to benefit from all the properties provided by its natural seawater content, since it provides marine minerals and trace elements that collaborate with decongestion, the elimination of impurities and the moisturizing of the nose every day.

Its composition has been made with natural seawater with strength 1, this being quite mild, so it can be used with total confidence in adults, including pregnant and lactating women, as well as in children over the age of one year.

Benefits of Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml

Rhinomer Strength 1 Soft 135 ml it has a composition designed with the purpose of decongesting, cleaning and hydrating the nose every day, while collaborating with the elimination of mucus and impurities from the nose, collaborating with the prevention of infections.

Composition of Rhinomer Force 1 Soft 135 ml

100% isotonic and sterile seawater. 

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