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Is a food supplement that covers a wide range of products formulated with Royal Jelly enriched with various substances: Vitamins, Minerals, etc, all of them with beneficial properties for the body

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  • Revital Gingseng royal Jelly Vitamin C 20 Blisters
    Out of stock
    Revital Ginseng and royal Jelly, Vitamin C 20 Blisters

    Revital Royal Jelly with ginseng and vitamin C in an increased amount in order to make it particularly suitable for athletes, with ginseng brings extra energy in the dia adia. More vitamin C which is vital in deficiency states. A container in the price bid for purchase in your non-online.

    20,00 €
  • Revital Royal Jelly 1000 mg to 20 vials
    Out of stock
    Revital Royal Jelly 1000 mg to 20 vials

    REVITALVITAMINADOis a food preparation complementary enriched with Royal Jelly, a product of natural origin prepared by worker bees to feed on the sole of the queen, with a high content of nutrients (Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc€¦).

    20,00 €
  • Revital Phosphorus royal jelly vitamins
    Out of stock
    Revital Phosphorus royal jelly vitamins

    Revital fósforum contains royal jelly and all the benefits of the phosphorus, and vitamins and minerals.Ideal as a supplement vitamin in states of fatigue and study

    20,00 €
  • Revital C + Propolis 20 Blisters
    Out of stock
    Revital C + Propolis 20 Blisters

    REVITAL Cbinds all the properties of the honey and Royal jelly, the própoliscon vitamin C, which is present in the recommended daily Amount.

    20,00 €
  • Revital Vitaminado Forte 1500mg 20 Blisters
    Out of stock
    Revital Vitaminado Forte 1500 mg to 20 Vials

    Revital Vitaminado Forte 1500 mg to 20 Vials help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, contributes to improve the functioning of the immune system, prevents colds and problems of fatigue at the time of maximum demand, such as tests or work. 1 Vial per day will make you an extra energy at the best price.

    20,00 € -20.022% 15,99 €
  • Revital Guarana 20 blisters
    Out of stock
    Revital Guarana 20 blisters

    Revital Guarana with gingseng and vitamins complete your diet with energy input

    20,00 €

Force and energy for your body.

The new habits of life: fast food and outside the home, stress, work... and the food utilization of big consumer but poor from a nutritional point of view, that have become part of our daily diet, are the cause of which has been depleted considerably our feed.

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