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Revital C + Propolis 20 Ampoules


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  • It includes a mixture of propolis, royal jelly and vitamin C.
  • Reactivates the immune system.
  • Luca against fatigue.
  • Format of single-dose vials.
  • Presentation of 20 ampoules.
  • Faster results.

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What is Revital C Propolis 20 Ampoules?

Revital C Propolis 20 Ampoules it is a food supplement that has been formulated with a mixture of active ingredients of natural origin and a delicious honey flavor, while providing the total daily requirements of vitamin C.

Its presentation is made in comfortable single-dose ampoules that can be transported anywhere, in order to provide nutrients that are required to effectively take care of the defenses and have healthy energy levels.

For the preparation of these ampoules, a mixture of three ingredients is included that generate excellent benefits in the reactivation of the immune system, such as Vitamin C, Propolis and Royal Jelly.

With its regular consumption, an improvement in vitality is generated, since it activates and increases the body's energy, reducing the symptoms of fatigue and tiredness as a result of its content of natural ingredients.

What are the benefits of Revital C Propolis 20 Ampoules?

This food supplement has been specially made with an effective mixture of active ingredients and a wonderful honey flavor that provides the total daily requirements of vitamin C.

For its intake it has been presented in wonderful single-dose ampoules, so it can be transported anywhere in order to generate an aid in the conservation of a general health in a normal state.

Its nutritional contribution generates an improvement in the functioning of the immune system, so it favors the reduction of the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, preserving the metabolism and the immune system in an optimal state.

In addition, it includes components that favor the balance of intestinal transit and in the normal functioning of the organism, since its Royal Jelly content provides a high dose of nutrients due to its superior content of vitamins and minerals.

The composition of this supplement provides beneficial properties that favor the body, increase its well-being, energy and vitality.

How does it work Revital C Propolis 20 Ampoules?

Each of these ampoules has been made based on Propolis, since this is a substance of natural origin that has a lot of functions, since it is made by bees and is largely extracted from trees.

For its elaboration, bees obtain a part of its bark and use them for different tasks in their hives, so in a traditional way it has been used by humans as an antiseptic and fungicide, as well as for the treatment of infections.

Its nutrients generate an improvement in the body's defenses, managing to fight against aggressions by viruses, fungi and bacteria; at the same time it provides a dose of Vitamin C, since it is a fundamental vitamin for the body.

This nutrient provides strong antioxidant properties and collaborates with the absorption of iron and calcium, while promoting the normal functioning of the immune system and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Composition of Revital C Propolis 20 Ampoules

Water, Honey, Freeze-dried Royal Jelly, Vitamin C (L-ascorbic Acid), Propolis, Preservatives  (E-202 and E-211)

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