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Repair Regenerating Gel Rosehip Oil 30 ml


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Repair Regenerating Gel 30 ml it is a gel that incorporates in its formula a 30% stabilized rosehip oil and enriched with bisabolol and vitamin E, which regenerates all skin types in depth, preventing it from losing flexibility and restoring its natural smoothness.

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What is Repair Regenerating Gel Rosehip Oil 30 ml?

Repair Regenerating Gel Rosehip Oil 30mlit is a gel formulated based on components of vegetable origin in order to repair, heal and avoid the appearance of irritations, redness and intense peeling.

Its selection of components has been designed in order to take care of those specific areas of the deteriorated skin, such as those in which there are scars and dermatitis, causing effective results in the care of the face and body with its use every day.

It is recommended Buy to collaborate with the care of dry, mature or aged skin, since it contains components that cause a strong antioxidant effect, among which is Vitamin E, so it does not generate irritation on the skin and has a beneficial gel texture.

Why use Repair Regenerating Gel Rosehip Oil 30 ml?

This gel has been formulated based on ingredients of natural origin in order to generate a quite pleasant sensation and collaborates with the conservation of its active ingredients on the areas to be treated, causing beneficial regenerating effects.

Its content of rosehip oil favors the regeneration, healing and repair of irritations, redness and intense peeling, its formulation causes a fairly strong antioxidant effect as a result of its vitamin E content.

You can purchase it at Offer and enjoy its beneficial gel texture that can be applied directly to the mucous membranes, improving canker sores, vaginal irritations, hot flashes, anal fissures, episiotomies, perioral dermatitis, nipple cracks during breastfeeding.

In addition, its formulation of vegetable origin favors the repair of irritations that originate from diaper rash, while improving all kinds of skin scars and its rosehip oil content provides a strong moisturizing and quite regenerating effect.

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You can buy it in our parapharmacy at a wonderful Price in order to calm and treat irritations. intense redness and peeling, so its formulation favors the prolonged duration of the active ingredients in the area where it is applied.

A mixture of pure R. rubiginosa Oil has been included in its composition. bisabolol and vitamin E, so it can be applied in the groin, in the perianal peribucal and nasal area, while generating excellent results in the care of the oral mucosa.

Benefits of Repair Regenerating Gel Rosehip Oil 30 ml

Repair Regenerating Gel Rosehip Oil 30 ml it is a gel formulated to generate a beneficial regenerating effect, so its packaging has been designed with an applicator cannula that makes it easier to apply it to the area where its numerous benefits are required.

Composition of Repair Regenerating Gel Rosehip Oil 30 ml

Rosehip oil (R. Rubiginosa) 30%, Bisabolol, Vitamin E.

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