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Rejuvenal Skin Pro 132g 15 Doses


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  • Promotes the formation of collagen.
  • It generates a lifting effect.
  • It provides nutrients for the connective tissue in the skin.
  • Collaborates with the preservation of normal skin.
  • Promotes internal skin care.
  • Preserves healthy skin.

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What is Rejuvenal Skin Pro 132g 15 Doses?

Rejuvenal Skin Pro 132g 15 Doses it is a food supplement formulated to generate a lifting effect from the inside of the skin, making it stay younger, firm, wrinkle-free, flexible and smooth with only the intake of 2 tablespoons a day in the company of meals.

It includes a formula that provides collagen and vitamin C, which have been mixed with biotin, niacin and zinc, so its zinc and vitamin C content collaborate with the care of cells against oxidative deterioration.

You can purchase it at Offer and enjoying all the benefits provided by its zinc content contributes to the normal maintenance of nails and hair, while generating a noticeable improvement in their appearance and includes a delicious blueberry flavor.

Why buy Rejuvenal Skin Pro 132g 15 Doses at Farmacia Market?

This food supplement has been formulated with the purpose of improving your beauty, originating its excellent results from the inside as a result of its specially elaborated formation based on collagen, vitamin c, zinc, biotin and niacin

For its preparation, a selection of natural ingredients have been used that have been used for the excellent results that originate in the care and improvement of our skin, so it includes collagen to preserve firmness, fullness and dermal youth.

Thanks to its excellent Price you will be able to counteract the results generated by various negative elements to which we are exposed, such as environmental aggressions, exposure to sunlight, the natural aging process, among others.

Its professional and advanced formula provides a large amount of natural ingredients and specifically selected to collaborate with skin care, while its components generate synergistic effects on the skin and promote your beauty.

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With the Purchase from this supplement you will be acquiring a composition designed based on collagen that has been mixed with Vitamin C to collaborate with the normal creation of collagen, causing an improvement in the normal function of the skin.

In addition, it includes a dose of biotin, niacin and zinc, resulting in superior care for cells in the face of oxidative deterioration, while providing an improvement in the preservation of the appearance and health of nails, skin and hair.

Benefits of Rejuvenal Skin Pro 132g 15 Doses

Rejuvenal Skin Pro 132g 15 Doses it is a food supplement formulated with the purpose of improving the elasticity and volume of the skin all over the body, causing excellent results on the face and neck, as a result of its content of nutrients of natural origin.

Its components cause an improvement in the elastic fibers to generate a natural lifting effect, since they favor the generation of collagen to decrease the fine lines of the face, while collaborating with the retention of water in the skin.

Composition of Rejuvenal Skin Pro 132g 15 Doses

Fish collagen tripeptides, Glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Vitamin C, Chondroitin, hydrolyzed fish Cartilage, L-Arginine, Silicon, L-Lysine, Pomegranate Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin Peptides, Phytoceramides, Zinc, Niacin, Biotin.

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