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Regenerate Toothbrush


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  • It includes ultra thin and ultra soft filaments.
  • Generates superior care in the enamel
  • Contains recycled plastic.
  • Its filaments are antibacterial.
  • It blocks bacterial development in its filaments.
  • Its bristles have round tips.

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What is Regenerate Toothbrush?

Regenerate Toothbrush it is a toothbrush specially designed for oral care, so it has ultra fine and ultra soft filaments that give superior protection to tooth enamel during use.

Its design has been made by Piero Lissoni who is an architect, art director and designer, so we can see that it has a beautiful format and excellent results in oral hygiene, while containing 93% recycled plastic

Their wonderful Offer they allow you to enjoy all the benefits provided by their antibacterial filaments, since they have been impregnated with silver phosphate crystal that blocks the multiplication of bacteria for a period of 90 days.

¿By What To Buy Regenerate Toothbrush in Pharmacy Market?

This toothbrush has been made with quite soft bristles and round tips that cause a silky and effective brushing, while it has a total of 144 filaments per tuft to improve the effects of oral hygiene.

The creation of this brush is the result of the creative union of Regenerate and Lissoni & Partners, managing to create a state-of-the-art toothbrush that has emerged as a result of the mixture of substance and style.

At Buy this toothbrush you will be acquiring a product that has been developed by a brand with experience in the elaboration of scientific enamel and that has a track record in the improvement and care of oral hygiene.

For the elaboration of each brush, a total of 5904 ultra-fine and ultra-soft filaments have been used, which generate superior enamel care, while having a beneficial antibacterial and plastic effect that can be reused.

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In our parapharmacy you will be able to purchase this toothbrush at a wonderful Price, since it has been elaborated using the minimalist and timeless philosophy of Piero Lissoni, who provided it with a design similar to that of a pencil, but which generates excellent benefits.

With its use, effective care is provided to the enamel since it includes softer filaments, but which generate quite effective results in the hygiene of the teeth, while its antibacterial filaments prevents the development of bacteria in its bristles.

Benefits of Regenerate Toothbrush

Regenerate Toothbrush it is a toothbrush made from recycled plastic and with the purpose of collaborating with the care of enamel, since it generates softer results and provides superior care with its regular use.

It contains antibacterial filaments that have been soaked with silver phosphate glass, while they are ultra soft and are tightly joined in 41 holes to cause an effective and silky brushing.

Composition of Regenerate Toothbrush

Recycled plastic

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