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Refills Oral B Precision Clean 3 Units


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Oral B Precision Clean Refill 3 Units, a Replacement for Oral B brush of any design. With cups designed to remove plaque along the entire gums as well as massage the gum and thus favor its irrigation keeping the gum healthy. Precision Clean they clean in depth between the teeth and cover more surface, leaving your mouth much cleaner than with a normal manual toothbrush.

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Refills Oral B Precision Clean 3 Units they are gearheads that have filaments which penetrate with a better depth and manage to tackle a better surface.

Thus achieving a better brushing in the mouth unlike a normal manual brush that could provide without achieving the elimination of 100% of the total plaque.

Due to the shape that was created the head of this replacement achieves that the filaments border the teeth providing a totally individual cleaning and this reaches hard-to-reach areas, to which a traditional brush would not be able to enter.

Why buy Oral B Precision Clean 3 Units Refills in Pharmacy Market?

Refills Oral B Precision Clean 3 Units it consists of a system of completely advanced filaments with which you will be able to remove plaque that a traditional toothbrush will not be able to.

In addition, the tips of these heads are interdental so that easier access to hard-to-reach areas is obtained.

And it provides a system of indicator filaments, this means that when you notice that they are discoloring up to half that means that the brush head must be replaced

Indications of the Oral B Precision Clean 3 Units Spare Parts

  1. It contains 3 heads with which you can remove all the accumulated plaque that you have in the most satisfactory way unlike the work done with a manual brush.
  2. These changing heads are designed with a cup that achieves the removal of all plaque and also applies a massage to the entire gum which provides more than just cleaning comfort.
  3. It is indicated for people who want to keep their mouth completely clean and with healthy gums.

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  • Refills Oral B Precision Clean 3 Units it is designed to give a twist to oral health because it is the leader in toothbrushes and achieves the adaptation to the most specific needs that you have.
  • This design was devised based on the power possessed by professional cleaning tools, therefore the head provides filaments that manage to surround each tooth separately, thus achieving an individual and better cleaning.
  • This head is compatible with any of the electronic brush handles you can get from the Oral-B line, with the exception of the toothbrush.
  • To make the change of the head, you must remove the previous one by turning it slightly counterclockwise.
  • Then you must put the new head in place next to your washer which you can easily see that it is colored, and it must be rotated, but now clockwise
  • If you want to have the knowledge of the opportune moment to make the head change, you should take the time to see the discoloration contained in the bristles of the heads since being in the middle of them is the time.
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