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Pwd L Carnitine Complex 120 Capsules


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  • It is an activator of metabolism.
  • It is a potent cortisol inhibitor.
  • It is a product that reduces cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Indicated for athletes.
  • Very useful in intense workouts.
  • It is highly effective in reducing fats.

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Why take Pwd L-Carnitine Complex 120 capsules?

If you are an athlete and you need a fat mobilizer and at the same time you want a product that avoids fatigue, tachycardia, anxiety and thus obtain a better performance, Pwd L-Carnitine Complex 120 capsules it is the ideal product.

This product helps inhibit the fatigue hormone cortisol. This product comes in presentation of 120 capsules and is usually indicated one hour before workouts or in the morning before breakfast, taking into account that cortisol is highest between 6 and 10 in the morning. The dosage may vary depending on the goals, it is usually 2 to 4 capsules.

This is a product that contributes to the transport of fats and keeps the metabolism active, providing energy and contributes to inhibiting cortisol. L-Carnitine Complex, is the combination of L-Carnitine tartrate and Acetyl L-Carnitine.

Pwd L - Carnitina Complex 120 cápsulas

Properties of Pwd L-Carnitine Complex 120 Capsules

  • This product contributes to the transport of fats so it is highly effective to maintain the ideal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
  • L-Carnitine provides energy, being ideal for those with weight loss diets.
  • It is a potent inhibitor of the fatigue hormone, such as Cortisol.
  • It keeps metabolism active, it's a catabolic.
  • It contains vitamin B6 so it is an adjuvant in people who are under stress situations.
  • Its functions are mainly aimed at strengthening the skeletal muscle system.
  • This is a product that is not for the exclusive use of athletes, it is a great ally for those patients with coronary risks due to its important function in the reduction of fatty acids.
  • It is a great ally also in convalescent patients of chronic diseases, since it reduces fatigue and helps them to increase their energy and vitality.

Recommendations of Pwd L-Carnitine Complex 120 Capsules

In order for you to make effective use of Pwd L-Carnitine Complex 120 capsules we recommend the following:

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose without supervision.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep this product in a cool and tightly closed place.
  • Remember that it is a dietary supplement and does not replace at any time a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Avoid contact with moisture and extreme heat.
  • It is not recommended in pregnant women or when suspected.
  • It is not recommended to take during breastfeeding.
  • If signs and/or symptoms of hypersensitivity occur, discontinue use immediately.
  • It is not recommended in those who are allergic to any of the elements of this formula.
  • It is not recommended in children.

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